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    For Sale - Flashlight Fall Clean-Out Sale

    The SC600 arrived, thanks a lot for the quick and pleasant transaction!
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    HDS Systems #23

    Hello everyone, I'm going to sell (most likely) my HDS Rotary with 219b sw45k emitter - do you think I'd be better served to try this in Europe or in the USA?
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    Sold/Expired **FINAL PRICE DROPS** Emisar DW4, D1(V2), Convoy M21F, and ArmyTek Viking

    Hello Pi, am I right to assume that the DW4 does not come with a headband?
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Malkoff Hound, 47 Minis, Preon

    The "Noctigon K1 - $65" you listed is actually a KR1, just FYI. GLWS!
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    HDS Systems #23

    They're definitely enjoying the "dolce far niente".
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    HDS Systems #23

    Yeah that was what happened with mine, too. I didn't enjoy using it for exactly that reason - but now that it's been fixed it's become one of my 2 favourite lights.
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    HDS Systems #23

    How bright is bright? I had that on mine, went straight to max output. I sent it in in December and got it back 2 weeks ago, hasn't happened so far.
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    HDS Systems #23

    Got my HDS Rotary back from repairs yesterday, after it stayed for 8 months at Henry's :) I'm happy I didn't end up selling it, everything seems to work well now. Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired Malkoff MD2 w/3-Speed Cool White P60 $75

    I'll take it if Ray decides to give it back.
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    HDS Systems #23

    I got my Rotary back that I sent for repairs in December. Waiting for it to arrive back home now!
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    HDS Systems #23

    6 months for me so far.
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    What’s your all time favorite flashlight?

    While I love most of my lights, the Sigma McRegulus is definitely my favourite one!
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    Sold/Expired Malkoff MDCs 16650, 123A and AA (prices reduced)

    Hello, do the 1AA and 1CR123 ones have a new firmware? I just checked on the Malkoff website and it says the same.
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    HDS Systems #23

    Happy anniversary, WarriorOfLight!
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    HDS Systems #23

    Phone call did the trick; "in the next few weeks" - @ Hogo: since that's in Henry-weeks, is that before 2023?! ;-) I hope he can fix mine. I wouldn't call mine noisy, but it's my only Rotary. When I hold it next to my ear I can hear a little bit of grinding.. But only then. I think it's from...
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    HDS Systems #23

    I never thought about calling since I'm in Argentina, but I'll see if I can call through Skype. Thanks!
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    HDS Systems #23

    Hello Hogo, I hope it's ok if I try here since Henry isn't answering via e-mail: is there any update on the HDS Rotary SN 38406 that I sent in? It's the one that sometimes flashes to the highest level when dialing down or up the levels.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    I do think the McClicky switches activate very easily, yes. I still like them. I have one light with a harder rubber boot which I like better, though.