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  1. bill_n_opus

    Anything similar to Sunwayman D40A?

    I still have a couple in working condition ... love these lights. A forum member used to mod them ... not sure if he's still around (as I haven't been around this forum in years) Vinh? is his name. Great lights.
  2. bill_n_opus

    been here 20 years today what a waste of time lol

    How long has it been? Is it prostate check time again?
  3. bill_n_opus

    Has Your Flashlight Hobby Waned?

    It's been awhile since I posted here on cpf. my hobby has waned for sure but i'll never give up interest on it. I still use flashlights regularly at my job but my fancy lights have given way to "duracell" cheapo and disposable lights from Costco. 3 pack for like 20 bucks. You cannot beat...
  4. bill_n_opus

    What do you use your Sunwayman D40A for?

    I have two ... just for the heck of it. One for backup at work and one for home.
  5. bill_n_opus

    Any thoughts on high output (10,000+ lumen) handheld LED flashlights?

    I know that Elektrolumens has the Kong series .... up to "21,000" lumens. It's a little large though. "Handheld" it is. :)
  6. bill_n_opus

    Pictures, Impressions - Fenix TK76 (2800lm, 50800cd)

    I'm intrigued ... thought it was "gimmicky" before ... but in real life it looks pretty cool. :)
  7. bill_n_opus

    Why NiMH's for the Fenix TK 70 ?

    I have some old(er) Accupower Evolution D NiMh that I got specifically for my tk70 and i'm pretty happy with them. No real issues ... but honestly I haven't pushed them. 20 bucks for 2xD NiMh is pretty good IMO.
  8. bill_n_opus

    does your H502 work with eneloop XX batteries ?

    Strange. I have a ton of Eneloops ... but not the newer versions. So, i'm unaware of any dimensional differences. I have the 502d and it works well with my "regular" Eneloops.
  9. bill_n_opus

    fenix TK-40 replacment battery carriage ?

    Nice link. Thanks
  10. bill_n_opus

    Got to try out my lights in a REAL cave

    Re: Got To Try Out My Lights In A Real Cave Lol, glad to hear that you made it to adulthood :) ... "explore for hours" ... that's awesome for a kid ... scary for a parent.
  11. bill_n_opus

    SureFire Dominator is coming

    Let's be honest ... SureFire gets a hallpass because of their history in the flashlight industry as well as their reputation in producing well-made, well-liked lights for the consumer market. But their maddening habit of presenting "products" that quickly become vaporware, advertising products...
  12. bill_n_opus

    Who makes the highest lumen flashlight that takes AA rechargeable (eneloops)

    I have two of the d40a's ... neutral and warm. I really like these lights. I'm swimming in Eneloops, love the AA form factor, the light is very bright, small-ish and very reasonable priced. I picked up mine from doingoutdoor when it was on sale for the month of Aug for 54 bucks(?) iirc ...
  13. bill_n_opus

    Fenix TK75 vs. RC40

    Not exactly, let's not get carried away. Don't forget that the tk75 does not come with any batteries. It takes 4x18650 plus you need a charger. That's easily another ~ 45-50 bucks minimum. You need to pay attention to keeping the batteries matched etc. 200 plus let's say 50 bucks comes to 250...
  14. bill_n_opus

    Fenix TK75 vs. RC40

    Well, if you're going to buy one either way ... then go to goinggear because they have the rc40 on sale. I so want to pull the trigger .... but I think i'll wait for the next gen or two since I already have the tk70.
  15. bill_n_opus

    New Fenix RC40 - 4 Cree XM-L U2 3400 Lumens Flashlight Due Out Next Month

    Was so close to buying this light ... already have the tk70 and many other flashlights (just got a couple d40a Sunwaymans) ... but I think i'll wait for the next gen or gen after that. Have to stay away from incremental 'light progress otherwise the wife will be upset.
  16. bill_n_opus

    if you became rich/wealthy, what would you do for the flashlight (or CPF) community?

    I'd create a company to put out high-output tank-lights for the common man. Put it on your bike, your car ... on your tri-cycle ... you know ....
  17. bill_n_opus

    Is there a long 3xAA XM-L light out there (or one that can be easily modded)?

    doingoutdoor has the s15 on sale with aa extender (the pic on the site shows the one extender, I know you can buy the another one at other places for ~ 6 bucks) I just ordered myself :)...
  18. bill_n_opus

    Uses for a 3600 lumen light?

    I understand the attempt ... but the comparison isn't quite right for me. With regards to megapixels IMO you run into diminishing returns real quick for the average person .... for me when it comes to output I would want a portable tank spotlight level flashlight if I could ... even just for...
  19. bill_n_opus

    No love for the Surefire T1A Titan?

    Nice light. 250 dollars? Difficult to expose this light to many people at that cost of entry. Hence, it's a "boutique" light with admirers ... but not as many actual users.
  20. bill_n_opus

    TK40 tail switch not activating light after checkn' in bag on plane 4 hours

    Silly and funny at the same time? In any case, it's not very helpful. OP, check the tk40 threads ... there is a "common" problem with the tk40 (about the only thing really) that happens from time to time. Check the battery carrier ... there are "round bars" internally (black color?) that...