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    Suggestions for HDS Part Deux...

    I say set it up like the Spy or Synergy with the head offset and the button next to it. Then you don’t have to change grip to push the button or use the rotary. All with HDS durability. Not that I don’t think the other two are sufficiently durable.
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    WTB sunwayman Ti

    The one in the pictures doesn’t have a triple xpl hi. I’m pretty sure the V10R doesn’t have a forward clicky. Looks good in the pictures though.
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    WTS: Mini Maglite 2xAA with 2x AA extenders, 3v, 4.5v, 6v

    Wow this is kinda cool. Side note, efest unprotected 14500s fit into a mini mag I have.
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    Sold/Expired WTS: adapters/sleeves to fit ANY SIZE battery into ANY SIZE charger or body

    I’d like some aa adapters with wires and magnets for charging larger batteries.
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    Anyone sell a P60 laser drop in module?

    808vudoo had made a couple I believe. You might send him a pm.
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    Sold/Expired All Taken: LED's on aluminum strips

    Re: 60 LED's for $4. I’ll take them if still available.
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    Sold/Expired For Postage Costs Only S1 Baton never used 600 Lumens 6500K & Four 123 Rechargeables

    Re: For Postage Costs Only S1 Baton never used 600 Lumens 6500K & Four 123 Rechargeab Wow [emoji15], I guess backup just in case 🤷*♂️
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    Will I turn into a Maglite fan once again?

    These look nice, now I want one.
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    I’d like the recipe, please.
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    21700 Vs 26650 Batteries

    Sounds like those 46800 cells would be the bees knees for larger lights. I’d love a modern take on a 2D mag. Maybe a bigger head though.
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    What is Reylights relationship with Maratac?

    If I remember correctly, it’s been a couple years since Rey was designing his first light, he designs them himself but does not have the equipment to make them. Now it is possible he has manual machines he can make things with, prototypes or one offs and the like, but just didn’t want to do...
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    HDS UV light... On SALE October 23rd.

    An interesting note on spiders. If you bring a regular flashlight up by your temple and shine it around the yard you will see “glowing specs”, the light is reflecting off the spiders eyes. Interesting tidbit I thought I’d share real quick.
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    Cottonpickers Replacement

    I too have a couple of these and love them. I’m not aware of anything similar. Thought about trying my hand at soldering some magnets on one as well but the cheap voltmeter I bought doesn’t seem as nice.
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    Mini Mag

    Finally remembered to stop by earlier in the week. Much to my dismay the 2AAA was gone. I don’t know if I’m sad or upset, lol. Maybe one day I’ll find one. They have three of the AA version so I may grab those soon.
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    Simple 3D and 4D Mag mods?

    Battery adapters can be found on amazon. I don’t know the quality as I haven’t bought any yet but was looking at some 3AA to D parallel adapters. As was mentioned you’ll need series adapters most likely. Anyway try amazon they may have some.
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    Mini Mag

    Thank you all for the comments. I’ll likely pick them up soonish. I do imagine that they may be sought after in a few years but I’ll probably open them up and use them anyway. I actually have plans to mod them but I have plans to mod a lot of other lights and it doesn’t happen very fast so they...
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    Mini Mag

    What are typical prices for these? I believe I read a bit ago that they are no longer being produced. The local Ace has a couple but they want almost 12 dollars for them. Seems kind of high to me but wondering what you all think.