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  1. J

    Hello world

    Welcome! Let me be the first one to say "Hide your wallet!" You also may want to cut up all you credit cards if you have any as well. :)
  2. J

    Anyone deal with Northern Tool?

    My job needed a large size tap and die set. 1"-8NC is hard to find in a good set. I didn't want to buy all separate pieces, but wanted a decent set in a case. I finally found a reliable seller on ebay, who was just selling from a website and having it direct ship. It was Which...
  3. J

    Fenix E0 and Luxogen LR12 died :'(

    I just had my EO replaced. My wife went to use it and it just didn't turn on, same brand new cell since day one. Tried everything.... Never got a flicker or anything :(
  4. J

    Fenix E0, anyone else disappointed

    I wasn't that impressed either... My $.99 Lighthound blew the EO away. That is until I thought to run them side-by-side while I slept. 9hrs later: the .99 was almost completely dead. The EO? Screaming from the top of it's tiny little lungs! I then went to Lumberjack to buy a host for my AA m@g...
  5. J

    Standards for "Pocketable"

    I carry my SF U2 in my pocket wherever I go. Never leave home without it! :) JT
  6. J

    Sold/Expired 9x14500 to 3D, 9AA to 3D and 6AA to 2D by FiveMega

    Ok here we go! I would like the following per our PM's: 1x 9AA to 3D adapter $39 1x LOP reflector $25 (Non removable Cam) 2x Bi-pin WA1185 $12 1x Bi-pin ceramic socket $28 1x Boro lens $5.5 Shipping $5 ------- Total: $114.50 PayPal sent! Thanks! JT
  7. J

    LED Watch combo...

    That is a neat watch. It seems like it might be brighter....
  8. J

    LED Watch combo...

    Interesting idea.... BEAMSHOTS!!! WE WANT BEAMSHOTS!!! What are your thoughts on this 3mm? Less?
  9. J

    Do that TWIST or Do that CLICK for Pierce M10

    I would go for the twist.
  10. J

    Orb Raw - Cool little light but, hmm...

    My RAW TI is just as bright as my L2 and U2 all on high. They all just have different beam characteristics. Not sure what bin is in what, L2 has been rated @ 100 lumens for years and the U2 has recently gotten that approval. Now I just need to get the P1 to compare... :)
  11. J

    How to increase output

    You can use any of AW's rechargeable cells..... I have 2x 14670 for my L2. 1000mA draw on high I think, get 45min w/cooling. Also 2x 18650 for my U2. Awesome runtime on that 1+ hr!! I'm not sure on the draw but must be around the same...
  12. J

    Flying squirels and Surefire M6/M6R

    I have 8 Sugar Gliders. They are NOT an easy pet to take care of. There is a lot of work to keep them happy and healthy. This is not an easy decision to get one, they can live 12-15 years! They are small, but unlike hampsters and gerbils they live a tad longer. The gliders have to have pretty...
  13. J

    My L2 failed me recently

    I am sorry for your loss. The L2 was my first big purchase as well. I have had my L2 for about 4 years now. I have only dropped it a few times also. The only major time was when it got dropped onto solid concrete from a 4ft countertop. Haven’t had any problems with it though. I just recently...
  14. J

    New Surefire

    *Jollytoker goes over to his cd's, flips some pages* *Puts Barenaked Ladies cd in* "If I had a million dollars, If I had a million dollars"
  15. J

    My New U2 Died

    I had a very distinct rattle in my U2’s head also. The only difference is that mine worked perfectly. No problems with the tail cap, tint, donut etc. Bright as the sun. I just couldn’t live with that darned rattle…. It was pretty loud, and I will swear up and down it was a piece of plastic. I...
  16. J

    L2 - newbie with a new flashlight that won't light...

    I had the EXACT thing happen to me, I couldn't figure it out either. I ended up sending it back to my online shop and they sent me a new one pronto. Never had any problems since. I asked them what was wrong with it out of curiosity and never got a reply back. WELCOME and Good luck!
  17. J

    What flashlight do you use most often?

    I primarily use my Costco HID, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Seriously, it was a stock QIII on RCR123. Now it is my Fenix L1P, I will be ordering a U2 on monday to use with 18650’s. Sweet.
  18. J

    Fenix L1/L1P 1st impressions - please post here

    Actually, I don't know if anyone else has done this but I have used my L2 and QIII to "cheat" at the dark side. Burger King had those scratch off game pieces to win free food, well LED light would show me the text. 75W halogen, fluorescent, 60w incandescent, etc wouldn’t help. I "won" every...
  19. J

    Fenix L1/L1P 1st impressions - please post here

    I just got my L1P today. Love it. It has a doughnut hole in the middle. I know this is common with the 5w luxeon.... It shows up within 4". Anyone else have this? I have read quite a few posts so far but nothing but perfect beams. Thanks
  20. J

    Surefire M2, A2, L2

    Remember that bulb will burn out. BAM!! $17.00 please (atleast!) L2's LED is very bright and it won't burn out even if dropped when its been running for a while. Just do enuff research for this amount of money. Review all beamshots etc. But as you should know by now... BUY THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!