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    What is the best single 18650 flashlight?

    regarding durability and just to forgo the cr123,s!i bored all three of my surefire 6p's as to run on 18650's,this way i feel you get a bombproof of a flashlight for about $30.and a little labor!i found out how to do this on this forum..:wave:
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    Brightest Pocketable Flashlight! - Review

    i own some surefire's 6P;s that i run on 16650 and one running on AW 18650 that i drilled out and replaced with led lamps,that still fit in my pocket,that makes them pockable right!any way they fit my needs.:naughty:
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    god forbid this ever happens to us! i would grab my surefire 6p,and my spyderco gayle bradley 1) and my tire iron! because i don't own a multi tool yet,but 2 out of three is not bad:mecry:
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    a fenix PD35 and some surefire's 6P's,but i think i'm more of a spyderco knife guy!as i really like collecting them a lot more then the flashlights these days!but i seem to always come back hear looking around!!:ohgeez:
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    DOA ? Klarus XT-10 Pressure Switch

    forgot to add!would i buy another klarus! anything' probably not,i wouldn't think of using one in a emergency on a gun!for that i use surefire's,but thats just me.
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    DOA ? Klarus XT-10 Pressure Switch

    if this would be of any help! shortly after i got my klarus XT-11 about three months ago,all modes where working,shortly after only the high mode would work! i sent klarus a e-mail and they kindly sent me a replacement switch/inside parts only,now all the modes work/like new,i think i remember...
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    fenix pd35 running vary hot!

    hi,my fenix PD-35 seems to be running vary hot in its high mode! fact is this light runs hotter then all my other torches i own,and i was wondering why this is!i use ether a nightcore 18650/3400mah/3.7v or AW/IMR 18650/2200MAH 3.7v,man this sucker runs hot,any one no why this is!i have used...
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    Solarforce clicky flickering issue

    o-kay,so you made me dig out my solarforce host and i tried two L2T's and two L2's and none have this problem with the switch/clicky/switches !so ether you got some in a bad batch or they just need cleaning like said above!if you salve the problem,please post hear and let us no what...
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    A McGizmo Haiku XP-G this the new standard for EDC Lights? You decide!

    get this only if money is no problem! otherwise i find my malkoff MDC fits the bill for EDC use,just my thought on it.:sssh:
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    A McGizmo Haiku XP-G this the new standard for EDC Lights? You decide!

    love the photography work,probably i'll end up getting one of these vary soon! if my wallet lets me.:mecry:
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    What is the best flashlight?

    i have found that my surefire 6P updated with malkoff M36-1N and running on keeppower 16650's is vary dependable/rugged flashlight,if say i need some other modes i switch to my other 6P with 18650 with a solarforce XM-L 3 mode!but we all end up hear looking for our BEST flashlight,and some of us...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    i got these two,the surefire 6p i ended up boring out for 18650 and swap out its tail-cap with a 6PX two click one and added sloarforce dropin,and got this E1L used and replaced its tail-cap with a newer E1D TC. for one of the best EDC's i own for night walks,learned most of this stuff hear on...
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    6P size strorage box/case!!

    hi guys,i have alot of lights sitting all over my house!and i am looking for away to store them in one place! most of these lights are of the surefire 6P size or smaller,i was thinking of a pelican case of some kind!maybe to store six at once and have three of them,i would love to see how others...
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    p60 question pleses!

    yep!there it is,mine is about the same,and just looks funny to my eyes! but if there's nothing one can do about it!i just fit a Oring and shut up,thanks
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    p60 question pleses!

    howdy guys, i have a little problem! i'm trying to fit a solarforce LC-XML U2 three mode drop in in one of my surefire 6P's,and the front lens will not screw down all the way! i never had problems with any other solarforce drop-in's before,but this one is a little larger then most,my question is...
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    Got my solarforce the other day.

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    Got my solarforce the other day.

    welcome aboard,i'm another guy hear that learned about solarforce hear on the forum! grate 6p host and the drop-in's are endless!but a little warning!the drop-in's can cost more then the flashlight itself!!who new,still learning myself,but having fun with my new hobby,enjoy yourself .:)
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    Test/Review of Keeppower 16650 2000mAh (Black)

    i just ordered a pair of these keep power 16650 battery's to run in some of my surefire's 6p's! i'll be charging on a nightcore D2,from what i have read! they should work nicely in some other flashlights i have also,by the way there coming from germany,as it was the only place to find in stock!:(
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    What makes a durable and dependable LED flashlight?

    the surefire 6p would fall under this thread,durable,mixed with one of today's newer LED's and you have dependable= one of the best flashlights ever made!i own some and have never had them ever fail on me,run on CR123 or 16650 or 18650!just keeps on going,vary solid quality built.:)
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    hi sir,are the vital gear FB2's body's still available!if they are please give price to thank you.

    hi sir,are the vital gear FB2's body's still available!if they are please give price to thank you.