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    My newest ride my favorite ride ever

    Cool ride! Definetly does not look electric.
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    Happy New Year everyone

    Well Happy New Year folks!!! That just kinda went by pretty fast, already '23, sheesh.🥳
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    New Fenix Catalog 2023

    Interesting, just noticed they have a V2 LR40R as well. Up from 12000 to 15000. 1000m distance.
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    New Fenix Catalog 2023

    I just noticed they have an E03R V2 coming, very interesting. I really like the handy abilities of both the E02R and E03R, nice light for the small size. The V2 looks like double the output and only slightly bigger, very slightly.
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    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!
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    rip dad

    Don't knock yourself down. They could be trying to reach out to you, you may be surprised how poitive your interaction with them may be. Any anxiety about them may fall when you see their feelings, they could be a huge comfort to you? And you them.
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    rip dad

    You mentioned your family is coming together now a bit? Are you getting closer to them?
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    rip dad

    Very sorry to hear of your loss sir, my deepest condolinces and prayers to you. I am newish to this forum, but there are alot of members that have been here a long time and know each other, care for one another. A forum of good people can become a form of family. If your ever feeling very sad...
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    Fenix TK20R V.2 or Nitecore P23i? Or something else? (EDC in holster on belt, for general use and potential self-defense)

    I just picked up a Fenix TK16 v2 (with the E02 as Christmas promotion). I was actually debating on this and and TK20. I figured I'dd save a few dollars and also get the E02 thrown in. I haven't seen the TK20 in person but when I played around with the 16 I was really impressed, a solid light...
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    New Fenix Catalog 2023

    That LR60R, 18000... I would be interested to see it beside the LR80R for differences.
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    Rip Kirstie alley

    Holy cow!! This is the first I have heard tjis news. That is awful news. She was beautiful, and a great talent. Off screen she stood her ground and was strong in her beliefs. Great lady.
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    2018 GMC 2500HD

    Also, Morimoto just had up to 30% off BF sales, but I think it may be over? If you want to pull the trigger on a set wait till Christmas and boxing day sales to see what % off they have.
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    2018 GMC 2500HD

    I have the XB headlights in my Ram. HUUUGE improvement over the stock garbage. I mean I compared the stock headlights to 1979 GMC truck lights, as in how has the light technology not moved in a new vehicle leaving the plant. I had the XB fogs too, which were a nice upgrade as well, but switched...
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    Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

    So thats a dem or a rep??
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    Holley RetroBright headlamps? Good, bad or ugly?

    I think Rigid ownes Trucklite now, so they stayed with their quality. I have had the Trucklites for probably 5 years, the lenses still look brand new. I believe Trucklite were the first to do an led housing, for military use. So their products are built right and made to take abuse and last. I...
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    I currently run Continental and Nitto in the summer and Bridgestone in the winter. I have gone by the door of a vehicle for tire pressure, but find lowering the number slightly from that the tires are wearing more even. In the past Tirerack has been very good to deal with. But local shops that...
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    7" Round Headlight replacements

    I put Trucklites on an 80's GM car, obviously stock lights were terrible. I had upgraded over the years to improve best lights I could, Silverstars, etc. When I switched to the Trucklites they blew everything I tried way out of the water, so much light. This was also the gateway drug that got me...
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    7" Round Headlight replacements

    Vision X also make great stuff
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    7" Round Headlight replacements

    JW Speaker and Trucklite may have offerings as well. I do like Morimoto's stuff, but I think these 2 companies are a step better.
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    SST-70 vs SFT-70

    Thank you for your input, makes it a bit easier to pick the TK16 and save a couple bucks vs buying the 36Pro. If they are going to be very similar performance.