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    14500 may be the death of my UltraFire C3

    I bought this single mode UltraFire C3 with a Cree Q5 LED several years ago. It's never been my favorite as it always looked dim to me using nimh batteries. I think it was drawing only 400 mA from the nimh. A few days ago I decided to use a 14500 lithium ion battery and the C3 was so bright...
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    LaCrosse BC-700 ?

    I just completed the first charge for two new Fujitsu AAA and I was surprised that slots 1 and 3 reached charge just over 1100 mAh. This is odd considering the max advertised capacity is 800 mAh. I got scared and ended the cycle manually after six hours with a charge rate of 200 mA and it...
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    Newegg has Fujitsu AA $9.31

    As you know Sanyo Eneloop is now Fujitsu. Panasonic is a copy. I pick Fujitsu before Panasonic with price being equal.
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    How to charge Eneloops in La Crosse BC-700?

    Keep in mind. If a battery has significant internal resistance that will cause the charging time to increase.
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    Can I fix this driver?

    It's not the switch. I've done a test where I bypassed it.
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    Can I fix this driver?

    When I turn on my C78 it will start out dim and after a second it will go to full brightness. I probably shorted and overheated something when I was probing the driver with my multimeter. The image below is the driver and I would like to know which part is the likely culprit? I'm thinking of...
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    My Nimh batteries only powers small devices now

    Cool. I did not know about the -ΔV working at 1A. Where did you find this out? Instead of using thermal shut-off or -ΔV couldn't they just terminate the charge by reading the battery voltage? In either of the first two methods charge is terminated after the fact - meaning the battery is...
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    My Nimh batteries only powers small devices now

    The batteries were grouped and never mixed. I've discharged and recharged the batteries several dozen times by now with no improvements. This is the reason I don't want to buy Energizers any longer but to have it happen to the Powerexs was disappointing since it's highly regarded by...
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    maha c401fs didn't reject alkaline AAA cells

    I have the same Maha charger that will charge damaged Energizers without warning. If I use my RadioShack or Eneloop chargers they will not charge the cells.
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    My Nimh batteries only powers small devices now

    Energizer 1850 and Powerex 2400 I bought two years ago. I used a Maha MH-C401FS charger as well.
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    What's the consensus on Lithium Ion batteries?

    I'm a noob. I've been dreaming of getting an 18650 powered flashlight since last year but could not justify spending more than $10. I saw a deal last week on a Fenix TK11 I could not passed up. I did my due research on lithium powered flashlights and found out the dangers that plague lithium...
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    My Nimh batteries only powers small devices now

    I have 8 Energizers and 4 Powerex Nimh batteries that can no longer power my Nikon 4600 digital camera. I don't think I've even recharged them more than 100 cycles over two years. The batteries can power smaller devices like a walkman or flashlight, however, but performance is lower compared...
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    What Chinese retailers have fast service?

    I know of dealextreme and kaidomain and I have purchased one light from the former. It took three weeks to get it which is ridiculous. I have received stuff from Taiwan and Austria both arrived within a week so I don't buy the customs delay excuse. Dealextreme drags their *** too much...
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    What combination of voltage and current can I use?

    Let's say I have a 3 watt LED I don't know anything about. Can I apply any combination of voltage and current to it as long as it adds up to 3 watts of power? Can I power it with 30 volts and 0.1 A just as easily as with 0.1 volts and 30 A? Both configuration add up to 3 watts of power.
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    Are the heatsinks clear coated underneath?

    I'm just wondering if the heatsink is meant to be insulated from the electrical path.
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    Open the Nitecore D10

    I've been studying pics of the D20 and D10 trying to figure out how the piston switch works. Can someone explain how it works?
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    Are the heatsinks clear coated underneath?

    I'm in the process of improving the heat sinking of the pill on my flashlight. I read aluminum oxide has low thermal conduction and I was thinking of sanding the bottom of the LED heastink a bit. I noticed that when I'm making continuity test with a multimeter I have problems making connection...