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    Freebies Giveaway

    I'm in for No. 3!! My number is 9161 [/URL][/IMG] This is the dinky lil' flashlight that got me started way.y..y..y back in '09. I thought I'd start small and work my way up... :twothumbs
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    Freebies Giveaway

    I'm IN ! Pic of my Crelant (since sold away) on a polished piece of aluminium. Just mucking about with my camera[/URL][/IMG]
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    WTS: V11Rvn & RRT01vn - 900 Lumen Pocket EDC

    Re: WTS: V11R VS RRT01 ( Help me Pick) V11R !!
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    Nitecore SRT6

    I played with the SRT7 for a little bit (it was bought as a present for someone else), and then opted to buy the SRT6 for myself soon after. I am very happy with my decision. I got the grey version, as I've too many black lights already. I LOVE the color (anodizing) and the "no-brain-required"...
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    SOLD Thanksgiving Sale - K40vn - S6330vn - C21Cvn - Mvn - D40Avn

    Re: Thanksgiving Sale - You pick the lights X40Vn !!
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    Nitecore SRT7 (XM-L2 White, 3xRGB - 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR) Review: RUNTIME, BEAMSHOTS+

    Get the SRT6 (or 5). I got the grey version of the SRT6 and it's terrific. I took an immediate liking to it the moment I turned it on. If things go well for me I might get the 5 as well. It's slimmer and should be a bit more floody (for indoor use) :)
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    List of lights with infinite variable brightness control rings

    Re: List of lights with infinite brightness control rings There are a lot of really great lights out there,spec-wise, but in many cases, the UI is an absolute pain. Multiple inputs (up to 10) to change from this level to that? After playing with a "infinite brightness control" flashlight, I was...
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    Nitecore SRT6

    Hi John. Just like you I had a chance to try out the SRT7. I like it a lot, but I don't need those 3 extra coloured leds. I've been kind of hankering after the SRT6 and, after reading your post, I think I'll go ahead and order it :). It's a little expensive, but what the heck, my birthday's...
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    Zebralight SC600 (1x18650, XM-L) Review: RUNTIME, BEAMSHOTS, comparisons & more!

    Re: Zebralight SC600 (1x18650, XM-L) Review: RUNTIME, BEAMSHOTS, comparisons & more! Hi exim13. I've owned a lot of flashlights and I can tell you.... the SC600 is the one I use most often. I have no doubts you'll love it too :)
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    Not always the $100 lights that make you smile

    I just LOVE finding a good bargain, don't you?? Good one :)
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    Have you arrived at any conclusions after purchasing the lights you now own, traded,

    Yeah. Basically, you get what you pay for, most of the time. There may be one or two "good and cheap" lights out there but they're few and far between.
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    A reminder to never lend out lights...

    Ha! That's why I keep 2 flashlights at work. The loaner is a cheapo "something-FIRE" that has a dodgy clicky but works nonetheless. Lend my good stuff out? No way...
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    Rule Number One On Loaning Your Led Light

    Yup. That's the reason I keep a couple of cheapo lights around. Just in case... :whistle:
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    Small & Powerful

    Thanks CamoNinja. Can you explain why? I'm also leaning towards the Sunwayman V20C. Any comments on that one?
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    Small & Powerful

    Yes, I've owned (and still own) Eagletacs, Quarks, Thrunites, Lumintops ITP's and a not a few "budget" lights as well. Most have been given away as presents, a few I sold away and I now have around a dozen in my possession. My current most used one is the Scorpion V2, but it's a little too...
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    Small & Powerful

    Singapore. Jetbeam, Thrunite, Sunwayman, Quark and one or two others I can get locally. But not Zebralight :duh2:
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    Small & Powerful

    Gee fellas, Thanks.... so many recommendations for the SC600:thumbsup: Trouble is, there isn't a local distributor for these lights in my little corner of the world. I could buy online but I'd rather buy locally just in case.... Any others? I reckon around 450-500 lumens or thereabouts on high...
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    Small & Powerful

    Hi there, I'm looking around for a small, yet powerful single-18650 flashlight. More flooder than thrower. I'm kind of attracted to the Thrunite TN12, which puts out in excess of 600 lumens, and is still very "pocketable". What are the alternatives? Any suggestions? I'm open to all brands.
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    Light(s) you recently sold and why?

    I sold off my Catapult V2 (SST-50) earlier this year. There was nothing wrong with it at all. It's just that I had always wanted one good thrower in my collection and the newer stuff was just so much better. Yes, I know, technology moves on and I guess it's just being human to want something...
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    Advice Needed

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the advice. Btw, I've already ordered some (better quality) batteries. Funny this is... when I put these same ****fire batteries into my Scorpion V2, it seemed to work fine. I read somewhere that the V2 pulls over 2 amps in turbo mode (2.4amps, I think). I...