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    Sold/Expired SOLD!: Titanium Nitecore D10

    Re: FS: Titanium Nitecore D10 That is funny.
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    Who am I?

    "Who am I?" Hmm..... Bob?
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    Surefire Titan T1A Pics & Info

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    My titanium lights, check out the Titanium Chameleon

    Where do you get those skulls from? :paypal::paypal::paypal::paypal::paypal::paypal: That flame Spy 007 looks amazing. And I like your sig. :thumbsup:
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    Brightest LED lights to date that are around $500?

    Led Lenser Coast X7 - 1068lms FENIX TK40 or FENIX TK40 - 630lms Tiablo ACE-G - 700lms :green:
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    Starlingear/Strider Japan-only Kamikaze SNG CC

    Very beautiful knife. My wallet is screaming right now. I'm a big fan of japanese characters. :thumbsup: I'm guessing that the priced would be around $650 USD.
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    RA clicky or Nitecore Extreme??

    +10000000000000000000000 :whistle:
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    Got my Ra Clicky today - whoop-de-doo!!

    Everytime I see the title "Got my Ra Clicky today - whoop-de-doo!!" I start laughing.
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    How to get it right the first time???

    E2DL Defender (:thinking:)
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    RA clicky or Nitecore Extreme??

    Ra Clicky (nuff said?)
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    Got my Ra Clicky today - whoop-de-doo!!

    PsychoBunny has a good offense and great defense. Lol.
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    EDC tactical flashlight. Help wanted?

    The M20 is 5.6 inches, so how is that "way to big"? I'm sure everyone here can read.
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    Happy Birthday Youfoundnemo!

    Re: ¡oɯǝupunoɟnoʎ ʎɐpɥʇɹıq ʎddɐH :twak: :whoopin: :twak: :whoopin: :twak: :whoopin: :twak: :whoopin: :twak:
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    Tiablo ACE - $169