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    SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT

    No. My buddy doesn’t spend money on stupid stuff like me. I had a super hound dog but sold it because for the jump in size it wasn’t worth it to me over the standard hound dog. Also for more than decade I got 1/2 off surefires so I bought a bunch but my contact left SF so paying retail makes me...
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    SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT

    Can someone speak to the performance of the surefire 18650 model to the Malkoff E2XT. I don’t need one of these new surefires as I have green and white E2XT heads as well as a Malkoff hound dog, but like playing with lights at a buddies ranch when we hunt.
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    Recommend a practical LEP.

    I haven’t tried it but I like the blazer Lep head that’s for scout light bodies. They sell a lens cover that has frosted sides and a clear center which looks to diffuse the light so you have the punch of an LEP with some spill.
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    Need portable high output spot light.

    The standard hound dog is my go to for a portable powerful light. I had the super also and the extra head size wasn’t worth it for me. A regular hound dog will work no problem out to a few hundred feet to clearly identify what you are looking at.
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    For Sale - Flashlight FrazLabs QT-L Nugget - 18650

    Received a couple weeks ago on their latest release. Played with it a few minutes. Never been outside or carried in a pocket. Complete set with light, box and unopened servicing products that were included with the light. Light works great but I don’t have a use for it. Asking $120 shipped to...
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    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    Anyone else get theirs yet? I ordered one and got an order confirmation on 9/28 but nothing after that.
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    Folks that don't EDC flashlights.

    I’ve bought a lot from them too. In fact I have lots of loyalty points and nothing on their website interests me that I haven’t bought so hopefully they roll out some new stuff. My only complaint is their mystery bags are usually lots of stuff no one wants anyways. I bought a couple as stocking...
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    Folks that don't EDC flashlights.

    Countycomm has cool glow in the dark silicone trays. I’ve got a few in my house.
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    Maratac LEP DX Reach

    I use a Malkoff E2XT in green for coyote hunting. Not an LEP but ideal for good sight picture out to 200+ yards.
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    where can I found a really dark place to test out flash lights in the Houston TX Area

    I don’t know your area but I go near bodies of water to test my lights. There is a big bay near me too shallow for most boats. That’s the darkest area I have found.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    I’m looking for a new drop in for a 6p and was wondering how the current m61n would work. This picture is of an m61 and a m61 219, both are about 10 years old. I like the tint of the 219 a lot but at distance it really loses out in throw to the m61. The picture might not show it well but side by...
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    Green rail mounted predator light recommendation

    Malkoff has a green head that fits on a scout light. The area lit up is a hay stack that’s maybe 15ft tall 250 yards away
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Does anyone have a clever way to secure a lanyard to the MD21700 body? I like the extra capacity for my wildcat 18650 head but like having lanyards on all my lights.
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    Wtb unique drop-in host.

    Hello. I’ve got a few 6p drop ins I would like an interesting host for. Let me know what you have, special edition/color surefires etc. open to other companies too. looking for a complete light minus the drop In. 2 cell/16650/18650 is the size I’m looking for.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    I saw that too. I was disappointed they discontinued the green 18650 hound dog. I didn’t have a chance to buy one. Also the new models are a good jump in price from the 18650 head and lux is cut in half (old one was rated at 90k)
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    Does anyone have the Malkoff Green/Red head?

    Got any beam pictures of the green? I was thinking about getting one. The website says the lux is 90,000. Curious of how this compares to the normal 18650 in terms of lighting an object far away.