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    Oldest LED lights you own

    Here’s a Surefire L4 Lumamax otherwise known as the ‘Wall of Light’. Bought it 2003/4. Still is used nearby the audio system on a regular basis. It’s my oldest LED.
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    ZL SC 600w IV Plus … Battery Cell Recommendation. Have had the light for a couple years.

    I have four NCR 18650GA cells that work in all of my ZL 18650 light’s EXCEPT for the SC 600 IV Plus! I could not believe it. My other LG and Sony 18650 cells work in the SC600. So… I contacted Lion Wholesale and bought four new ones along with four Vapcell 1250 14500 F12 cells for my SC52c ZL...
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    ZL SC 600w IV Plus … Battery Cell Recommendation. Have had the light for a couple years.

    Been with Zebralights since they introduced Gen 1 SC600, still use it everyday. Three SC 62 and SC64’s that get used by my girlfriend and me regularly. Plus a SC 52cw, great light! Running older Samsungs and Sonys and a few Panny Sanyos 3500 in the Newer SC 600w IV Plus… I really like this...
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    What’s your all time favorite flashlight?

    My Zebralight SC 62cw… it can accept, protected and unprotected, various sized 18650’s. Runner up… SC 52cw… it can accept AA Alkalines, Eneloops, 14500 cells. The latter is great for traveling.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Just purchased two more Zebralights that were on back order and now in stock. The SC64 LE and the SC600 MkIV Plus. Two excellent lights to go along with my first Gen SC600, SC52cw, SC62cw and girlfriend’s SC64Hi. I use lights everywhere and everyday and Zebralights have never failed me in over...
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    Gotta Love Zebralight!

    I continue to like Zebralight so much… have coming their SC600 Mk IV Plus they just got in stock. I use their lights almost exclusively since the first gen SC600… all the time. Surviving an armed home invasion in 2008 and watching the crime rate soar here in Denver, reliable, bright, and...
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    How to eliminate the strobe, only, on a Zebralight?

    We’ve got four Zebralights stretching back to a first gen SC600, which does not have a pre programmed strobe. Just a very purposeful moonlight H3 default setting. Yes, I’ve read the instructions and have seen a couple of posts and videos. All I’d like to do is ELIMINATE the strobe and replace...
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    Gotta Love Zebralight!

    Returned from a trip, fiancé, Cardiac RN, told me she lost her ZL SC 64 Hi1300 light that I bought for her. She needed a quality personal light, self defense protection to go along with her EDC Carry. I first posted here looking for a SC 64, 63, 62. Nothing came from this. I contacted...
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    Light was found.
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    Best light for single 18650 protected batteries

    My ZL 62 takes both protected and unprotected cells, including Orbtronic. The 62 is a phenomenal light due to its ability to handle varied cells, and its light output is very strong as well. Great light.
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    Charging rate for eneloops

    Eneloops... AA... 1000 charge, 500 discharge AAA... 400 charge, 200 discharge Maha Powered folks recommended this to me years ago. Eneloops lasting and holding charges a very long time.
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    How to check if Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries are still good

    Been using my Maha for the Eneloops over a period of ten plus years, AA and AAA. Have quite a few of each and every two months or so, run them through the R & A mode. The cells have between 80 to 90+ % after all these years. The settings for the AA are 1000 charge, 500 discharge and for the AAA...
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I can use either protected or unprotected cells in my SC62, but prefer unprotected.
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I'll jump in and say that Zebralight has served me very well for the last nine years as I regularly, every day, use their first gen SC600, 52cw and 62cw. My other lights get use but the ZL's are everyday lights that work incredibly well. Maybe I need to buy another, who knows? I do hope they...
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    Points of clarification, Unprotected cell in series

    In my one flashlight, Olight Triton, that takes two lithium ion 18650 cells, I run protected. The ZL's, single cells, I run unprotected.
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    Small EDC: Worthwhile upgrading from a 2013 Eagletac D25A Clicky?

    I have the Ti version of the Eagletac, 2013. Nice light. I prefer the ZL SC52 where I run 14500's, Eneloops, Energizer Lithiums, and in a pinch Duracells. Great light by ZL.
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    14500 3A vs 10A cells... Any benefit for the 10A's?

    One of my favorite lights, ZL SC52cw, great light! Been running the Sanyo's with good results. Picked up a couple of the Gold Vapcell 1000 3A cells. They run well. I've read about the Purple Vapcell 1000 10A cells, H10's. Would there be any benefit in running the 10A' s vs the 3A's just for...

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