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  1. BenChiew

    WTB Malkoff UV Light

    Looking for any iterations of Malkoff UV light. Either Whole light or just the head. Pls PM me at [email protected]
  2. BenChiew


    Re: RARE MALKOFFS About 20 of those T6 low powered drop ins were made for an expedition for trackers on foot. It has a wide beam with a medium range spot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired WTS: Malkoff WC V4 cool (head only)

    Pls pm me if you decide to sell WC V4. Thanks.
  4. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired FS: Malkoff MDC HA NW, 1CR123

    Can this take a RCR123?
  5. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired First Gen Malkoff MD2, Judco Kroll Switch

    I have one that I can sell / trade for other Malkoff. Pm me if interested.
  6. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired WTB MDC body with deep carry clip

    I have that in an AA body.
  7. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired PRICE DROP on Malkoff Hound Dog XM-L (Sold: Oveready BOSS 35 HA)

    Maybe a picture from the front showing the emitter may help.
  8. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired SOLD - Malkoff Hound Dog 18650 Neutral

    Re: Malkoff Hound Dog 18650 Neutral What’s the runtime on one of this? Sorry haven’t been keeping up to date.
  9. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired WTT McGizmo Aqua Pak for Terra Pak

    Will also buy a Terra Pak.
  10. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Makai Proto

    Re: NEW Pics up - NOW 399$ only - McGIZMO Makai - experimental Prototype-Lego Is the body e series?
  11. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo TerraMule

    Re: WTS: Mcgizmo TerraMule Sent you a PM asking a question. Thanks
  12. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired [SOLD] WTS: stock surefire E1e, natural

    Yup. Good old days.[emoji28]
  13. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired SOLD/WITHDRAWN

    Re: WTS: Malkoff Hound Dog XM-L neutral and MDC HA 1AA Mailbox cleared.
  14. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired WTS: McGizmo cetacea lanyard- SOLD

    Earlier ones have titanium clips on them .
  15. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired **ALL SOLD**: Surefire Lights/Parts, Malkoff, Copper (anodized) 2D Mag

    Re: WTS: Surefire Lights/Parts, Malkoff, Copper (anodized) 2D Mag Pm Sent.
  16. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired * sold and closed* Surefire invictus, malkoff,jetbeam

    Surefire invictus, malkoff, jetbeam raptor Pm sent on 1AAMDC PayPal sent.
  17. BenChiew

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Mcgizmo AA mule Tana AA LE

    Re: *Last drop* WTS: Mcgizmo AA mule with Tana AA LE Thanks for all that info.

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