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  1. hiuintahs

    Are Fenix Flashlights Really That good

    Fenix has always been one of my favorite brands. I've purchased a lot of their lights.......probably around 20 or more different models. Though I think I only own 9 models right now. More than half of those are obsolete, but I like them a lot so hanging on to them. For the most part they have...
  2. hiuintahs

    Sanyo NCR18650GA questions

    I know this thread is a couple of months old, but just a couple of comments. The NCR18650GA has a slightly larger diameter. The flashlights with a fit problem will be the older 18650 lights and not so much the newer ones. The problem is even worse for a protected NCR18650GA. Take a look at...
  3. hiuintahs

    Is there an optimal driver input voltage for efficiency?

    I haven't seen it significantly different. Maybe 10, 20% better. But the lumen level has to be low enough that the single AA battery isn't being held back due to lack of current sourcing ability. And that difference would close at the low lumen levels. If a boost driver is 90% efficient...
  4. hiuintahs

    CR123A car storage case

    Another idea similar to the match case is to use one of those square plastic coin holders for the "cents". Those are about 10/$8.00. Search "cents square coin tube" on Amazon. I use a couple of these for holding 18650 cells but they would work for the CR123A / 16340 too. I put a little piece of...
  5. hiuintahs

    Test/review of Miboxer C4-12

    Which bay was the cell in? What you should do is mark that cell so you know which one it is and move it to another bay and charge there next time. Also I'd charge a different cell in the bay that is suspect. Could it possibly be related to the bay or maybe the cell was the...
  6. hiuintahs

    LED vs. regulator efficiency

    Typically what I have found is that efficiency follows price. The Fenix, Nitecore, Jetbeam, EagleTac, Sunwayman, Olight, etc tend to do better compared to those flashlights that cost way less. They are all fairly comparable if they have the same LED and the output is similar when comparing. I...
  7. hiuintahs

    Test/review of Miboxer C4-12

    OK, So I charged two different AAA's at different times in different bays. And everything went well. I just let the automatic mode work and did not adjust any settings after putting the cell in. This is what I noticed. It picks a charge rate based on the internal resistance that it measures...
  8. hiuintahs

    Removing protection circuits and voltage

    OK. Let me know what happens. I'm thinking they just got discharged somehow. Kind of weird. But if they charge up to 4.20v without heat or any other issues, then I think you will be good to go.
  9. hiuintahs

    Removing protection circuits and voltage

    Let me see if I can provide some insight. Chargers don't know the difference between a cell with a protection circuit and one without one. All they see is the voltage of the battery terminals. A protection circuit is in series with one of the terminals and they use Mosfets which are like...
  10. hiuintahs

    Test/review of Miboxer C4-12

    Ya, I wouldn't charge an AAA at 1.5A..........probably just 500mA max. Usually I do around 250mA on the AAA's. Do you know what current you were charging the AAA at? If the charger missed the dv/dt termination point then all the charge energy turns to heat. I mostly got the charger for the...
  11. hiuintahs

    LED vs. regulator efficiency

    Ya, I've done a lot of run time graphs comparing different flashlights with the same emitter. The difference is definitely the driver when all else is equal. Being an electronics guy, part of the hobby for me was in finding very efficient flashlights with well regulated output.
  12. hiuintahs

    Jet MK-II Can’t run max lumens

    I have that Jetbeam flashlight. I normally will not run a 16340 battery on a light that is attempting to put out 500 plus lumens beyond momentary usage. I think that level is more geared towards bigger batteries or at least 16340 batteries with lower resistance. Still though it will get hot and...
  13. hiuintahs

    What multimeter?

    I think that Drok is a pretty decent series USB meter for the price. The best is probably the YZX Studio but you pay for it. I also have an XTAR meter. It was cheap and not that accurate. You need a fairly accurate digital multimeter to use as a comparison to know how accurate they are.
  14. hiuintahs


    Yes good point but I watch things pretty close. Truck has a Dekka Intimidator AGM battery. Subaru has a Dekka regular starting battery though bigger capacity than stock. Mostly the batteries would just provide the stable 12v power while the solar panels keep up with the load. Both of my...
  15. hiuintahs

    Recharging Older 18650 Batteries

    When you said Surefire 18650 batteries, I was a little puzzled as I didn't think Surefire made 18650's. Anyhow, UltraFire, TrustFire, ****Fire, etc are a play on the well known Surefire name. I'd be a little leery of those batteries. For one, there is no such thing as a 5000mAh battery. Highest...
  16. hiuintahs

    Recharging Older 18650 Batteries

    Ya, it's hard to know what is going on without a voltmeter. Likely the voltage has dropped to a level that your charger doesn't recognize and won't go into a normal charge cycle. If they have a protection circuit on the batteries like BB mentioned, and if it's tripped, the voltage could read 0...
  17. hiuintahs


    I wouldn't worry about whether its cost effective if its something you want and/or will be used as an emergency setup. I'll mention what I've done as an example. In a disaster situation or grid down for awhile, I plan to use the batteries in my vehicles. That will require a lot more solar power...
  18. hiuintahs

    Bug Out Bag Light?

    Brook, I posted a run time graph of the Jetbeam Jet I-MK single AA LED flashlight to show how well regulated the output is during the entire life of a battery. Thus as you can see this is a good switching type of boost regulator. This is a favorite of mine due to being an excellent value for the...
  19. hiuintahs

    4 Bay Charger Recomendation please !

    I'd recommend the Miboxer C4-Upgrade. Go to to view them. Charger can be had for less than $30. I think it's a deal for what you get. The upgrade version is the one with the 4 lines of text towards the left side of the screen. The original is the text in the lower right corner. On...
  20. hiuintahs

    Fenix WF05E - Intrinsically Safe Light

    The peak for me acquiring Fenix lights was maybe 2 to 5 years ago. (The era of the first PD35's, PD32, LD12, new lanterns, upgraded twisty like the E15, E05, TK35's that would take flat top batteries, and some headlamps.) Lots of new lights from all manufacturers are coming out with built in...

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