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    Great Conversation with Gene Malkoff

    I gave up even trying.
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    E1B after a L1?

    I switched from the L1 Cree to the E1B for EDC because of the pocket clip.
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    Favorite multi-tools

    My favorites are the Charge Ti, Wave, Swisstool Spirit. I especially like them in black oxide. I wish the BO Spirit S was avaliable with a black pocket clip.
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    Your honest opinion on SF M6?

    No, I've had two M6's for some time and I've never had any problems with current leaking or any unexplained dead batteries.
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    How to clean the glue off the the blade?

    I use Goof-Off because it's what I have, but it sure smells bad. I wash the blade with soap and water to remove the Goof-Off
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    What light(s) have you gotten rid of that you regret not keeping?

    Hi Will, These were generation 1. I have two of these black L1's that had white LEDs. McGizmo moddified them to 2x123 with PR-T heads. One of them has a Luxeon III and the other has a X bin Luxeon V. If you ever want to sell that black L1 please let me know. Regards
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    A puzzling question

    eighteen thousand six hundred and fifty
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    So what are your other hobbies ?

    Re: Other expensive hobbies I read the whole thread and there are a lot of interseting ways to spend money, but I didn't see multi-tools.
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    How many here still EDC their ARC 4+?

    I carried one of the first four ARC 4x lights until I replaced it with the Novatac 120P. I stayed up all night to try to be one of the lucky ones to get a chance to buy one of the ARC4x lights. Peter had anounced that they would go up for sale the next morning. I didn't even get to see a option...
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    L1 or E2L
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    petition, request from (a) Arc fan(s)

    Peter, If by some chance you make another run, would you please make it with a lug tail.
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    I timed it once. A plain cotton ball burnt for 15 seconds and one coated with vasoline burnt for 2 minutes. These were the large size that my wife uses for her make up. I use cotton balls coated with vasoline when we're camping. I can fit five of the large ones in an old pill bottle. I've...
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    Thanks!!! I'll have to go back and watch more videos when I have more time.
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    Lowest SureFire Backup Serial Number.

    A00519 A01156
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    Big Retail Stores with Good Flashlights

    Here's a link They also have brick & mortar stores.
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    Big Retail Stores with Good Flashlights

    The Gander Mountain in Lakeville has some Surefire lights. The last time I was there was just after the L1 cree came out (maybe 6 months ago) and they didn't have the L1 cree. They did have the Luxeon version of the L1 and some other Surefire models. The store is on the west side of I35 about a...
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    SureFire E1B Backup

    Thanks!!! I got my preorder in for two. :grin2:
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    Help me identify this strange multi tool with ruler/saw blade

    The blade isn't a saw blade. It is a fish scaler. There were also knives made with one knife blade and a second blade for scaling fish.
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    E2D has a serious bite!

    Deleted, question was already answered.
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    Anyone Everyday carry a red LED light.

    I EDC a Photon II with a red LED and a ARC AAA DS on my keyring. I sleep with a ARC AAA with a red LED on a neck lanyard. I have a few lights with red LEDs. Photon II ARC AAA Infinity Ultra Inova X5 Surefire L1 Surefire KL1/E1E You can see which lights I actually use out of those that I...

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