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  1. bltkmt

    Niteye EYE10 Review

    Late to the party, but I do have an Eye10 as well as the Sunwayman V10R TI available. Please PM me if interested.
  2. bltkmt

    Two New USB Rechargeable Fenix Batteries!

    Has anyone tried and/or reviewed these yet? I have and like the Klarus USB rechargeable 14500 batteries, but they do not make an 18650 version. These look promising.
  3. bltkmt

    Sold/Expired SOLD SOLD SOLD pinkalooozzzaaa MUYSHONDT Aeon / Nautilus - pretty in pink

    Re: pinkalooozzzaaa MUYSHONDT Aeon / Nautilus - pretty in pink They are beautiful - good luck! If the Aeon was red, I would be all over it.
  4. bltkmt

    Chromebook Usage

    My Lenovo is a 13" and the Samsung looks to be 11" - I would suggest you go look at smaller laptops/chromebooks to verify you are ok with the smaller size. Good luck.
  5. bltkmt

    Chromebook Usage

    I have had a Lenovo Chromebook for a couple years and love it. Very light, battery lasts a long time and fast enough for internet and email apps. I use it to log into work remotely via Citrix - no issues. Great machine for less than $250.
  6. bltkmt

    REVIEW: Nitecore TINI Keychain Flashlight

    Great review, thanks. I love this little light. It has replaced the Aeon in my pocket daily.
  7. bltkmt

    2018 best 18650 charger for 4 cells at least 1.0amp?

    + another on the Opus. Great charger.
  8. bltkmt

    Where can I buy a Zebralight?

    I would not assume that buying from the Zebralight website will take three weeks.
  9. bltkmt

    Sold/Expired WTS - Deep Indigo Aeon Mk III

    Looking to sell my Deep Indigo Aeon Mk III - in good condition, but has a small nick near head that is visible in pics. Asking $200 shipped CONUS. Paypal or Venmo only.
  10. bltkmt

    Klarus 14500UR75 USB-rechargeable battery

    I love these, and their 16340 brothers. Great for travel as you need not bring a full charger, only a cable.
  11. bltkmt

    USB rechargeable flashlight for car?

    Thanks all, for the helpful suggestions. If I were to go with a light powered by Eneloops, are there any that have an external USB charging port like the L-ion ones do? I am trying to avoid having to take the battery out to charge - again want something that I can simply charge in the car...
  12. bltkmt

    Olight R20 Javelot (XP-L HI, 1x 18650 (custom), Rechargeable) Review

    Does this light have any low battery indicator?
  13. bltkmt

    USB rechargeable flashlight for car?

    Both safety and performance, really. I live in CT, so temp swings can be extreme throughout the year. If rechargeable l-ions are not the right choice for keeping in car, what type is better?
  14. bltkmt

    USB rechargeable flashlight for car?

    Thanks. As to my second question, are rechargeable l-ions safe to keep in a car for extended periods with large temperature variations?
  15. bltkmt

    USB rechargeable flashlight for car?

    Thanks - really want USB chargeable so that I can keep it topped off in car and not have to worry about swapping batteries.
  16. bltkmt

    USB rechargeable flashlight for car?

    I would like a rechargeable light to keep in the car, with an external micro USB port - that way I can keep it topped off. Looking for suggestions. Also, should I have any concerns keeping this type of light in the car in hot/cold climate? Thanks in advance.
  17. bltkmt

    Klarus Mi1C - 600Lumens Smallest Side Switch EDC Flashlight Release!!!

    Where can you find colors other than black for purchase?
  18. bltkmt

    Olight S1 Mini Baton GIVEAWAY!!

    I would light up something that is currently dark.

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