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    Oldest LED lights you own

    Good afternoon, while cleaning my study, I ran into these two golden oldies: Both AAA lights; a CMG and a very well used ARC aaa. I carried and used the ARC on a keychain for untold years. The CMG was little more than a glorified extra aaa battery holder I carried in my pack. I remember when...
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    What lights do you consider the most epic or influential on your hobby

    Like many it was the mini maglight that I started out with, then I found this place I don't know how many years ago. Got an arc AAA, I still run into it occasionally and it still works, but it has been retired from keychain duty for years. Went in with Surefires and burned through cr123...
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    Time to upgrade batteries and charger, need recommendations

    I'm getting misty eyed, I used to lose hours on these forums, Oh the magic of those first one watt LEDs when the surefire P60 and P61 reigned supreme and anyone that was a real flashaholic had an Arc aaa on their keychain from Peter Gransee! (I still have one or two laying around somewhere) For...
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    Need bulletproof AAA light that will take lithium cells recommendation

    I want a light for my car bag. I've moved most of my electronics over to rechargeable AAA format, so I'd like to stick with that. I want something that will work with Nimh rechargeable batteries but will also take lithium cells as it is likely to be loaded with those with a couple spares in a...
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    Advice needed for old lights

    They sure did go quickly. Thanks for the suggestions. Hope the new owner put them to good use. Grizz
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    Advice needed for old lights

    Once upon a time I was a young man with fewer responsibilities and bought some expensive flashlights. I had an EDC Arc aaa that I used for about ten years on my keychain before just recently moving to a maratac AAA stainless that I bought when the attachment hole on my arc aaa finally wore...
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    Kitchen Knives, suggestions pls.

    I love our Global knives. Many of the smaller ones have handles that are a little too small for my large hands for extended use. But the chef's knife...virtually the only one I ever really use, is perfect. Quick easy to sharpen, and being one piece, clean up is a snap. My wife only uses the...
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    Why carry two EDC knives?

    I carry two also. My primary is a Spyderco Sage. Not everybody is a knife person and knows how to properly use a knife. When someone asks to borrow my knife I give them my keychain with a spyderco ladybug on it. This solves two problems first I get my knife back, because I will need my keys and...
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    Is there anything comparable to a Sebenza

    I just went the other way, after over seven years of EDC a large Sebenza, I went with a spyderco sage II (titanium with the Reeve Integral Lock) No I'm not going to lie, the fit finish isn't exactly the same, but its very close. My two gripes with the Benza were the thumbstud, yes it worked and...

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