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  1. muichimon

    Laser products Surefire 6P

    That's a beautiful 6P in very good condition. 6P-PH is also very rare.
  2. muichimon

    SF catalog # 9701 anyone?

    The earliest surefire catalogs I saw on the web were from 1992 and 1994, and the images were small and the text was unclear. I am not sure if it was published as a booklet by the manufacturer, or if it was an advertisement in a magazine. I also found one double-sided printed catalog on ebay that...
  3. muichimon

    SF catalog # 9701 anyone?

    Thanks, I have seen the 1997 catalog before as a pdf file. I was looking for an even older catalog to see if there is one available.
  4. muichimon

    SF catalog # 9701 anyone?

    What year is this catalog from?
  5. muichimon

    Laser products Surefire 6P

    This package was used from around 1995 until the company name was changed. I would guess that the 6P in the image is from the mid-90s because the switch rubber is a smooth type. The two 6P packages in this image have paper boxes and plastic cases from the early 90's, and the plastic case is even...
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  7. muichimon

    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    some of the small old school classics made in USA. Laser Products Surefire 3P and Bali-Song, Inc. Custom Bali-Song 3 inch Weehawk.
  8. muichimon

    HDS Systems #23

    I see that Twisty also has the drawback that the two wire-like parts of the contacts are prone to failure.
  9. muichimon

    HDS Systems #23

    I'm surprised it was a component that didn't mean anything. It looked like something was inlaid so I thought surely there must be something to it.Ra twisty, what an interesting light.
  10. muichimon

    HDS Systems #23

    The shortness of Ra Twisty is emphasized and clearly seen when juxtaposed with the rotary. It is also interesting that the low mode is red. I was curious about this, so I looked into it and found a silver button-like thing at the rear end of the battery compartment. Is this a switch? or is it a...
  11. muichimon

    HDS Systems #23

    I too like the SW45. If I had to EDC just one of the lights, I would get this one most of the time. I like that the illuminated object is really easy to see and doesn't have weird colors. Also, for everyday use, 200 lumens is enough.
  12. muichimon

    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    I was considering HC head for my old Charlie but ended up not buying it because of the difference in surface finish. But from what I see in this image, it doesn't look that different.
  13. muichimon

    HDS Company Question

    It seems that replacing the rotary switch is more difficult than I thought, until I bought the HDS EDC rotary, I thought that the switch cap could be removed by unscrewing it. So far I haven't had any problems, so I haven't done anything extra, but I would feel more comfortable if there was a...
  14. muichimon

    HDS Systems #23

    The NB27 I ordered arrived today. It was a very nice incandescent warm color temperature. For the time being, I compared NB45 and NB27 side by side. In the daytime, the low color temperature is more emphasized, and it feels as if the setting sun is shining only here.
  15. muichimon

    HDS Systems #23

    I see, this time it was the result of various factors progressing smoothly. I was lucky because I was prepared for a delivery time of more than 5 weeks.
  16. muichimon

    Z2 Combat Light

    The grip rings are easy to hold because they catch on your fingers. I live in Japan, so I can't use it with a gun, but I still use the old 6Z with the combat rings because it's easy to hold.
  17. muichimon

    HDS Systems #23

    I received a shipping notification for the NB27 I ordered. I am amazed that it was completed in a week. Did you happen to have parts in stock? Or was the NB45 I ordered last time just extremely late due to some trouble? In any case, I was waiting for it to arrive by the end of June, so I'm happy...
  18. muichimon


    We recommend the flip-up type. It's fun to be able to change the characteristics of the light just by opening and closing the lid. I like the old surefire, so I have the old Diffusers that match the period. It also protects the bezel and lens.
  19. muichimon

    Surefire 9AN and 8AX

    The great thing about incan lights is their simplicity. It is easy to identify the cause of the light not turning on, and if you stock replacement batteries and bulbs, you can return immediately. And the light from the bulb is gentle on the eyes and calms the mood. Compared to LED lights, it is...
  20. muichimon

    HDS Systems #23

    I just ordered the second HDS. This time, I decided on NB27, which is a light bulb color. Last time, the first HDS was NB45, so this time I wanted the one with the lowest color temperature. The light bulb man did not hesitate while showing excitement with the topic High Noon II.

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