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  1. bluemantra

    Sundrop question

    Thinking of picking up the Sundrop with the XPG led. How does this perform in the sundrop?
  2. bluemantra

    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

  3. bluemantra

    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

    I just got a mini mkiii turbo and I've noticed a red ring around the edge of the beam. Anyone notice this as well?
  4. bluemantra

    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    Or if anyone jumps off the list or is selling one, shoot me a PM
  5. bluemantra

    ETA Requests - Oveready / TorchLAB

    You and everyone else has been asking for about 2 years. It'll be out when it's out is the answer. Every time frame given has come and gone. Best to just keep an eye out on their instagram and insider emails.
  6. bluemantra

    18350/18500 Battery Compartment Pre-Sale

    By any chance will there be any of these available if we missed the pre sale? I assume so, but just wanted to ask in the off chance.
  7. bluemantra

    Happy New Year Prometheans

    Happy New Year!
  8. bluemantra

    Prometheus Lights - The Showcase Gallery

    Thank you! I just took it with my iPhone 12, no macro. And no polishing just how it came to me from prometheus! Did you ever get yours?
  9. bluemantra

    The Titanium "Haiku"

    I was just wondering how to beam profile compared. What batteries do you recommend for 123 pak? I've been using 16340 Vapcell INR16340 T8 850mAh 3A High Discharge I had previously.
  10. bluemantra

    The Titanium "Haiku"

    Do you have a Mahi head?
  11. bluemantra

    The Titanium "Haiku"

    It is a Nichia 119V. And yes it is screwed in all the way
  12. bluemantra

    The Titanium "Haiku"

    Did I assemble this incorrectly? I struggled a bit with the window o-rings. Does the beam look right?
  13. bluemantra

    Sold/Expired OVEREADY BOSS Parts (Bezel / Body)

    I’ll take the bezel.
  14. bluemantra

    Help understanding LED efficiency and other characteristics

    Okay, just trying to understand the basics here as I've been venturing into custom light engines. My basic understanding of efficiency is that the a nichia 219b will drain a battery faster than a nichia 219a assuming equivalent settings. Correct? Now my question is does a 3500k drain a battery...
  15. bluemantra

    HDS Systems #23

    I see on the HDS website the supply issues. How long has the wait been from ordering?
  16. bluemantra

    HDS Systems #23

    Question for anyone who recently placed an order, are you charged when the light ships or at the time of purchase. Thanks
  17. bluemantra

    The Titanium "Haiku"

    This is what I am doing. Just ordered a host with XR reflector from Don and custom engine from CPF with a Samsung LH351D.
  18. bluemantra

    The Titanium "Haiku"

    Is the XR reflector the same that comes with the XML?

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