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  1. simbad

    F/S CRK small Sebenza 31 Macassar Ebony inlays Magnacut steel

    Up for sale a brand new Sebbie, never used, never cut anything, flawless knife as it came from an EU dealer a few months ago. Asking $550 shipping included to US or Europe. I am located in Spain. Thanks for looking
  2. simbad

    Sold/Expired DSpeck´s FireFly III light engine

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a FFIII pill which is a FluPic V2.1 board, i know is a very old school (2006) stuff but if you guys have any of these please let me know. TIA
  3. simbad

    Sold/Expired Sold SureFire

    Re: WTS SureFire LX2 :thumbsup: Thanks!, i'll let you know when it gets here.
  4. simbad

    Sold/Expired Sold SureFire

    Re: WTS SureFire LX2 Pm sent
  5. simbad

    Sold/Expired ALL $OLD: SPA DEF SPL-120,Classic SF flashlights

    Re: WTS: Classic surefire flashlights and Firefly III I'll take the FireFly III
  6. simbad

    Show your AAA lights

    This is my well used Arc-P, in my key ring since 2004...
  7. simbad

    Sold/Expired WTS: Arc AA

    Wow! that is a piece of history, good catch, not too many were made as the AAA version was
  8. simbad

    EagleTac Clicky Ti

    I can live with that but its good to know anyway, thanks.
  9. simbad

    EagleTac Clicky Ti

    Even if it's only noticeable very close to a wall it's a bit strange because the hotspot is completely white. Since the earier leds like Luxeon 1W, 3W and 5W and after nearly 10 years we're still playing with the tint lottery :crackup:
  10. simbad

    EagleTac Clicky Ti

    I've received a D25C Ti XML U2 on last friday, last gen 2013 model. The machining, threads, switch, bezel tightness (not too loose not too tight) and finish is 9 to 10 level, no PWM at all but the spill is a bit purple on low level against a close white wall. Probably I should choose the XP-G NW...
  11. simbad

    What do you keep next to your bed?

    I still have my old Fenix AA L1 Luxeon 1W, it's a limited edition L1 with a S bin led from 2006, I kept this light with me all these years because i love its pure white color rendition :naughty:
  12. simbad

    Post your home-made lanyard photos! (Part 2)

    This is my simple lanyard attachment, the metal clip is a s.steel halyard shackle, i carry my D25C Ti hooked to the front belt loop and hanging in my back pocket. (sorry for the cellphone crappy pic)
  13. simbad

    Favorite Incandescent/s

    Sometimes I am still using my UK 4AA that I bought five years ago, still on its factory xenon bulb. The throw of this light is amazing, the only one problem is that eats a hell of a lot of batteries but I love the throw that this little light makes.
  14. simbad

    Did you get the test Newsletter?

    I've got the mail but no newsletter :duh2:
  15. simbad

    Sold/Expired F/S Wee NS complete + extras

    PPal received, I will ship tomorrow in the morning. Thanks.
  16. simbad

    Sold/Expired F/S Wee NS complete + extras

    The sale includes the original package from Orb which includes the light, 25 lumens emitter, battery, lanyard system and the magnets for the nano charger. The extras are: 1 Nano charger 1 50 lumens emitter 1 Spare battery 2 Blue tritium locators already installed The light has some hairline...
  17. simbad

    That Picture that youre really proud of..

    This is not a very good picture but I like it.

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