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    Fenix TK11

    Re: FENIX TK11 R2 NEW UPGRADED EDITITION! Fenix TK11 needs : - flat regulation with 18650 cell - selected R2 bin (WC, WH)
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    Lumapower MVP TurboForce P7 Review - BEAMSHOTS, RUNTIMES, and more!

    Do you have measured : - the current pulled from the 2x 18650 batteries - the current delivered to the LED. - the efficiency of the driver Because I want to compare with the Epsilon ED-P72 I have received today. :thanks: :bow:
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    Best regulated SSC-P7 flashlight ?

    What's the best well regulated SSC-P7 flashlight ? I mean actually or which will come in markets very soon. There ares so many P7 flashlights in the market that I'm confused. The most are worse (bad regulation, construction, heatsinking, ...) I don't want to be unhappy with my future...
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 2)

    I don't know how many lumens is this dropin at the lowest setting (in ramping mode), but I have measured the current on my two drop-ins at the tailcap. I have obtained 38mA and 40mA current on the lowest. Very low indeed.
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    Aurora AK-P7 SSC P7 900-Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650)

    Have ordered one yesterday. I have hesitated between the 2-mode and 5-mode, and have choosed finally the 5-mode. Does someone knows wich sort of driver is installed in it ?
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    Fenix TK11 (18650)

    I'm pretty sure you are right. Regulation in TK11 optimized for 3,7v-6v range, not suited for 2x rcr123's, otherwise regulation with single 18650 would not be good like in the graph.
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    Which budget Drop-ins work well with 18650??

    +1 I have two of these drop-in's and i find they are perfect. Very well suited for use with single 18650 cell. Plus, they have : - built-in low voltage cut-off battery protection circuit - built-in reverse polarity protection
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    New DX flashlights : 5x Cree (2x18650) and P7 18650

    These are new : I wish we'll see soon 2x18650 P7 2-mode at least, wiht selected tint in C-bin and well regulated with good efficiency. So much power in less than 22cm lenght will be a good...
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    4 Cree Light !! (Part 2)

    Very well regulated with 2x 18650 ! I tought that output was lower if not used with 3 or 4x rcr123's. Does all the RC-T5 offer similar discharge curve and output with 18650's, or is this the last driver version / RC-T5 revision ? Thanks for help.
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    DOA light: Eastward YJ-XAQ5

    I received my YJ-XAQ5 3 days ago. First handling showed no problem in functionning, but yesterday ... I've set the flashlight on low mode for more than 10 minutes, and the led becomes suddenly flickering, and then super low. So low that you can look at the led die, like when you test a led...
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    Hidden Gem - Eastward YJ-XAQ5 18650 - Budget Dereelight!

    The same flashlight with 2x 18650 body should be a good host for a SSC P7. In fact, reflector is quite large and deep (reflector inner diameter 31mm). More than the 24mm that we find in P60 style drop-ins. If someone does the mod with a P7 and these Estward's 1x 18650 or 2x 18650, please tell...
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    Hidden Gem - Eastward YJ-XAQ5 18650 - Budget Dereelight!

    :twothumbs:twothumbs I have received my Eastward YJ-XAQ5 yesterday from KD. (1x 18650 version). It's a monster thrower for a led ! - extra powerful, much more throw than my DX SKU 11074 drop-in. Easily illuminates buildings at 120m distance, with excellent visibility. - regulation...
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    Smallest practical form factor for a P7 light

    :) 2x 18500 or 2x 18650 body (I prefer this last configuration). Large and deep reflector for throw with some spill. I have received the Eastward YJ-XAQ5 (1x 18650 body) today from KD and it's areal monster thrower ! It has large bezel/head, reflector is large and deep, and overall very...
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    Wolf-Eyes Storm R2

    A new designed bezel/head (larger in diameter) would be good for tri-P7. :thinking:
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 2)

    Re: p60 sized led drop-in's part 2 I've done several tests, and I don't see any flickering in lower modes (medium and low). :) I'm almost sure that PWM frequency is sufficiently high to not see flickering. However, it's possible that some people are more sensitive to flickering than me...
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    Wolf-Eyes Storm R2

    Tri P7's must be OK in a Wolf-Eyes storm flashlight. ;) Feeded with 3x 18650, it's the minimum configuration to drive them @2,8A. 3x 800 lumens typical with C-bin = 2400 lumens total output. In High-Mid-Low or High-Mid-Low-Strobe configuration. For heat dissipation, W-E flashlights are build...
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    The 17670 p60 Dropin Quest

    For a cheaper solution, I will consider seriously the SKU 11074 from DX. It's a Q5 WC selected bin. I have received mine some days ago. It has a multi-mode menu (repartited in 5 mode), wich include : 1) Low --> High 2) High --> Medium --> Tactical Strobe 3) Ramping variable brightness 4)...
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 2)

    Re: p60 sized led drop-in's part 2 :) I've received SKU 11074 from DX since three days. It's Q5 WC multi-mode, and very well regulated wich works only with one cell (17670 or 18650). Almost perfect regulation on high. Look at the excellent review here (with runtime graphs on...
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    RC-F4 mod?/ Update=order shipped

    Re: RC-F4 mod? Questions : 1) Does someone knows the efficiency of the stock driver of the RC-F4 ? 2) How hard is the led driven ? 700mA ? 800mA ? If I can easily swap the driver with another 3-mode (high-mid-low) driver (DX), I wish to do thid mod. Thanks.
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    RC-F4 mod?/ Update=order shipped

    Re: RC-F4 mod? In my RC-F4, I have swapped the stock Cree P4 (because dome was broken after a drop on the ground, from 3 meters, but the cree worked yet) with a Q5 WC 16mm base buyed at DX. It's certainly more powerful than the P4, and is cool white (with very slightly purple), but I prefer...

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