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    Machining services wanted.

    Can you tell me more about Shapeways? I'd like to have a pill made for a light, it looks like they can use metal in their designs. I think this would be a far cheaper route than have it done on a CNC. I know the dimensions, and have the image in my head of exactly what I would like. Wish I had...
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    Maui time (Pictures) - 3

    Awesome Don! Thanks for the updated photos. Amazing job.
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    McGizmo - 2018

    Still finding time to take some photos Don? Seems it has been a while since you shared any with us. How was this years whale watching season?
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    Mr. Bulk Chameleon Update Needed

    The driver is actually great. The UI is one of the best out there in my opinion.
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    LunaSol: The Concept

    Thanks for the explanation Don. Looking forward to the throw and flood light you mention here.
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    LunaSol: The Concept

    These lights are incredible Don! Any chance of a return one day? Seems the drivers that are out there now would make this much easier to accomplish.
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    Fenix Counterfeit or clones?

    You copy the name or the design, both are bad business and the same in my book. The markings don't make a difference to me, if you copy the design you are clearly trying to deceive the buyer into thinking your product is legitimate. If not, then you are just copying a design rather than give...
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    Mr. Bulk Chameleon Update Needed

    This light turned out great! TNC did a great job on the 18650 tube and all the tips helped to install a 219c in the head.
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    Novatac 120 Triple Mod

    I saw a post, that I can't seem to find any longer, where think2x put a McClicky in one. Unfortunately it was many years ago and the pics were long gone. I'm unsure I'm up to the challenge, and this light may end up as garbage, but hopefully I can get it to work.
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    Sold/Expired Full featured 10180 size flashlight Ti and Exotics

    Re: Full featured 10180 size flashlight Ti and Exotics (Christmas Special) Message sent. I'd like to be in for a 10440 size light.
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    Novatac 120 Triple Mod

    I recently acquired an old made in US Novatac that doesn't work correctly. The light doesn't stay on while in the high mode, it starts to strob after just a few seconds of light. Very odd. So, I'd like to take out the stock pill and add a triple. I have seen where several have done this before...
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    Fenix Counterfeit or clones?

    In your mind, what is the difference between "counterfeit" and "clone"? To me, they are both the same. I'll add fake in there as well. It's sad that so many companies have to worry about some cheap knockoff of their product, and it seems to be acceptable to many purchasers. Lights and knives...
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    Boss 35 Aluminum Stock?

    Did I miss the April drop or has it not come yet?
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    Picture of your GIZMO !

    Reminds me that I need a Sundrop. Nice pic
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    Lets See Your Sapphire

    Show me your Sapphire. I just contacted Don about getting one of these. Would like to see how they patina over time. Also like to see how people carry them, currently contemplating just putting on keyring or using a lanyard to carry separate. Also, what battery have you been using?
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    Newbie obsessing over Haiku

    Sebenza and Haiku will be all the EDC you will ever need. Unless you need to dress it up, then a Mnandi and Sapphire will do nicely. Dang, I need a Sapphire.
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    List Lights that use NO PWM

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    Quality Host for 3 LED build?

    Yes, I found those as well. Can these be had as hosts though? Seems all I could find were already built.
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    Newbie obsessing over Haiku

    I know the feeling. Picked up a Haiku about a month ago, already thinking of a Sundrop to add.

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