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  1. djans1397

    New Firefox FF5GT

    Following. Any links I can see beam shots at?
  2. djans1397

    F/S: Maxabeam Gen3 with Latching "High" & 10 AH LiFePo4 battery, Megaray 175 Watt

    Classic grails that I'd love to own! Always wanted to see the Megaray in person. GLWS!
  3. djans1397

    Best/strongest Spotlight bang for the buck

    check out the line of Convoy lights. Several to choose from. Very reasonable lights in your price range. Built very solid. Fairly popular. I have a few myself. Also look over on budgetlightforums. Really good info over there on lights that won't break the bank. U can also surf the for sale...
  4. djans1397

    Where to Source Soldering Iron Tips

    Slim chance, but u may try Radio Shack. Does sears have a site u can check out?
  5. djans1397

    New "High End" HID Flame Throwers..?

    With the right batteries very cool it will run a consistent regulated 20 minutes before it suddenly off. I haven't tried it though but it seem to last while so I would say that's accurate
  6. djans1397

    New "High End" HID Flame Throwers..?

    The hand held Firefox 5 is an amazing little HID thrower.
  7. djans1397

    Surefire Hellfire

    U might even reach out to SF themselves.
  8. djans1397

    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    Keep up the great work guys! We're all rooting for ya!
  9. djans1397

    Sold/Expired 11 lights FS: muyshondt, HDS, fenix...

    someone snag that Aeon!
  10. djans1397

    For Sale - Flashlight SureFire Hellfighter

    That Maxabeam would make a great truck spotlight for sure! You could always get a battery for it too.
  11. djans1397

    Sold/Expired Some Price Drops Laulimas, Zebralight and Reylights

    Hold the slim for me. Incoming pm.
  12. djans1397

    Acebeam K70vn,Acebeam K40vn,XSearchervn

    What LED is in the 70VN? Do you have the specs?
  13. djans1397

    WTB: Lumintop GT94 or 94X

    Still looking
  14. djans1397

    WTB: Lumintop GT94 or 94X

    Looking for a NIB or gently used model. PP ready! Please let me know what u have! Thanks much fellow flashaholics!
  15. djans1397

    WTB FM 2.5" Throwmaster

    Pm replied to.
  16. djans1397

    WTB FM 2.5" Throwmaster

    R u still looking?
  17. djans1397

    WTB FM 2.5" Throwmaster

    Hello. I'm pretty sure I have one he's at home but I'm currently at work. If I recall it's red in color and is in mint condition. Let me check when I get home but if so I'm more than willing to sell it to you as it currently sits in my padded gun case.
  18. djans1397

    Manker MK38vn - Brightest Full Size Popcan R (Pre-Order)

    Waaaaay better tint on the 70.2. 70.3 looks like it may be a bit brighter or more focused though. Hard to tell as it was a lousy comparison video. Thanks for sharing though.
  19. djans1397

    Manker MK38vn - Brightest Full Size Popcan R (Pre-Order)

    I wonder how the heat build up and runtime compare though between these

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