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    YouTube "Flashlight Reviewers"

    If you’re talking about CharlesBridgetec, I think what impresses me most is that he’s effectively made the same video for 3+ years.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD HDS Rotary SS40 w/ Sapphire and titanium bezel

    Re: FS: HDS Rotary SS40 w/ Sapphire and titanium bezel Nice light! Glwys
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    ETA Requests - Oveready / TorchLAB

    No, the 70 costs slightly more.
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    Mechtorch questions

    It’s just a reverse clicky, so no. You’d need an electronic switch for that, and even then most don’t support that type of functionality. The Mechtorch is using the H17f driver, there is a flowchart by ZeroAir floating around that’s really handy at explaining it! Just run a Google search, I’m...
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    HDS Systems EDC #22

    Thanks for the test. Pretty interesting to see the returns diminish so quickly on the CR123a. I remember the old HDS stuff was super efficient (not that this is at all bad). Then again, like Desert.snake said, there could be a bunch of other factors at play.
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    Sold/Expired All Sold: McGizmo, ReyLight, Prometheus, Deadwood Customs

    Re: Let's Do This: McGizmo, ReyLight, Prometheus, Deadwood Customs What did the Huckleberry go for?
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    McClicky Boot O-Ring Retainer?

    Thanks guys! Just for a standard 14mm switch boot, and for lights like BOSS/DC1.
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    McClicky Boot O-Ring Retainer?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find these or what size O-ring it is? It’s the O-ring that goes over the switch boot and keeps it in place. Thanks!
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    Malkoff/Elzetta Potting epoxy?

    I emailed him and disclosed that I’m doing a consulting job for someone making a flashlight. He replied that it is a trade secret which is totally understandable. I did some quick research, though. For the curious modders, I believe it’s Stycast 2850FT.
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    Malkoff/Elzetta Potting epoxy?

    That’s a good idea! I will shoot him one and see.
  11. the0dore3524

    Malkoff/Elzetta Potting epoxy?

    I’m looking for that one specifically! I have seen other potting jobs, and they’re just not as clean, haha.
  12. the0dore3524

    Malkoff/Elzetta Potting epoxy?

    Does anyone know what expoxy Malkoff/Elzetta uses to pot their heads? It's the same as Pflexpro, I believe. Pflexpro used to have a link to what they used, but their site is down and I can't remember. Thanks in advance!
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    TAD vs GoRuck

    I have had is my review on the GR1: Someone asked me a similar question in the comments, and this was my response: Hey, I’ve owned a TAD Litespeed as well, and have looked at the Fastpack albeit briefly. Quality-wise they’re pretty comparable. It’s...
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    [Review] Frelux Synergy2: Following A Precedent

    On this one, you can unscrew it completely without the spring pushing everything off. There’s still some “bounciness” but not as much as with the Synergy1. That said, I’ve never had the parts scatter when changing batteries on either flashlights. Your thumb/index finger should have enough...
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    [Review] Frelux Synergy2: Following A Precedent

    For optimal viewing, please read the review on my site here. Introduction Frelux’s first foray into the flashlight world, the Synergy 1, is something that I would not hesitate to call “very good”. It certainly wasn’t without flaws; however, it effectively redefined the price bracket for...
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    Surefire Stiletto Pro

    Personally, I don’t think the Pro offers much advantage over the standard Stiletto. Especially with the non-replaceable battery, it makes a lot more sense to go with a more disposable material like plastic. The Pro bumps up the output (which is already more than sufficient on the standard...
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    Really Surefire?!

    Nah, you’re well within the right here. That’s unacceptable IMHO. The LED being off-center is pretty common with the Titan Plus; it’s a cosmetic flaw. But a cracked lense? Serious functional flaw there.
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    Re: Large collection - Surefire incan, Surefire LED, Oveready, FREE SHIPPING OPTIONS PM sent

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