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  1. phantom23

    Advice: best halogen bulb, HB4 + HB3

    Just to clarify - the first bulb is HIR2. There's no Amazon in Argentina and GM's part number doesn't tell much.
  2. phantom23

    Stock LED headlights don't produce enough lumens Go and check the gallery. A side by side comparison between 15 different cars with different headlights (halogen, HID, LED). All stock and aimed correctly. Unfortunately some pictures show low beam, some high...
  3. phantom23

    5400K ~90CRI. vs. 3000K ~60CRI fluorescent tube

    High CRI only! Sodium streetlights that give some ugly orange-ish light have 50-60CRI (basically no colors, everything is either orange or black).
  4. phantom23


    No chance. US market is nowhere near enough to make a separate plant for them. You'll just pay more.
  5. phantom23

    Favorite 18650 powered EDC light?

    Nitecore MH20 NW. Plenty bright, very mature beam profile, good mode spacing, easy UI with shortcuts to low and turbo, voltage indicator, USB charging. My two little gripes - it's slightly chubby and I've seen neutral LEDs with higher CRI.
  6. phantom23

    Review of Nitecore MH20

    That rating applies to the steady water. During the wash water pressure was much higher (accasionally but still).
  7. phantom23

    So right now (end of 2017) are there any LED headlights that beat HID?

    That's because of the incredible light density - HIDs are very easy to focus to throw far (smaller light source=better focus). With LEDs you need multiple emitters to achieve similar brightness but it means much higher surface area. That's why properly designed HID reflector is still far...
  8. phantom23

    Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition 2018

    But it also was extremely floody. MT-G2 is a massive emitter so it needs a large reflector to focus.
  9. phantom23

    Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition 2018

    I think CRI is more important than color temperature. I have one neutral light (Nitecore MH20) and it has very low CRI, instead of making colors pop it makes everything turn yellow. I think 5000K is a perfect color temperature (looks like sunlight), higher CRI does the job, D4 is the second...
  10. phantom23

    Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition 2018

    I wish they made one with the XHP35 5000K 80+ CRI (there is such emitter) driven up to around 1500-2000 lumens. Perfect flashlight.
  11. phantom23

    Klarus XT12GT

    They just want you to buy their batteries.
  12. phantom23

    Zebralight SC64c

    Distance between the dies is pretty much the same in both but in the 50.2 they're all covered with the same layer of phosphor. Single die activates slightly bigger area of the phospor than the die itself slightly covering the gap. That's why there are less artifacts.
  13. phantom23

    REVIEW: Nitecore Concept 1 (C1) Flashlight

    I don't need to access all modes all the time but I'm using a couple of them regularily and I'm not the only one. Nitecore complicated the most basic thing in a flashlight and to me it's a solid deal breaker. Press and hold should be used to change modes (I'm not a fan of that solution either...
  14. phantom23

    Nitecore Concept 1 Review (Best EDC ever?)

    It would've been soo good with neutral XHP35 HI...
  15. phantom23

    Possible to replace 9006 bulb with 9011 HIR hi beam

    9011 is 9005's equivalent. You can mod 9012 to fit in the 9006's housing.
  16. phantom23

    Zebralight plans MKIII's and SC63 release for this year

    Are you kidding? Zebralight is nuts. All that for a minor brightness improvement?
  17. phantom23

    2016 Best of the best model for each brand?

    Nitecore - MH20. Absolutely amazing little pocket rocket with very mature beam profile, great UI, active thermal regulation, voltage indicator, USB charging etc. One of the best flashlghts on the market right now altough I'm waiting for MH20GT version. Fenix - TK75 for sheer power. PD32 2016 for...
  18. phantom23

    Zebralight plans MKIII's and SC63 release for this year

    But it just makes no sense compared to MkII which is basically the same without limitations.
  19. phantom23

    Zebralight plans MKIII's and SC63 release for this year

    ^^ So basically they wanted to make their life easier at their clients expense, that's not client-oriented behaviour.
  20. phantom23

    Zebralight plans MKIII's and SC63 release for this year

    But that's also where cheap chinese crap will fit because noname batteries are usually smaller than good ones. Many of them are unprotected. More - quality protected cells can take 5A easily. Don't try to defend Zebralight, you'll fail, there are no arguments why you shouldn't use protected...

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