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    EDC Made in USA

    Surefire Titan is the first that comes to mind. A bit pricey for what it is but a good light none the less.
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    Rivets are easily removed with a careful hand and a drill or a dremel/pencil grinder with a burr. That gives me an idea. Single stage XM-L at 800 lumens with 1 18650.
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    Tritium zip pull..

    Without seeing pictures can't be a whole lot of help. My only concern is silver although a nice metal to work with might be too soft to protect the glass tritium tubes from being cracked.
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    Will this work?

    I prefer Cree LED's solely from a design standpoint. The XM-L is a very impressive diode.
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    Perceived brightness operates logarithmically it takes 4 times more light to be perceived as twice as bright.
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    If Surefire's catalogs have been any indication of product line up. You're looking at 3-48 months release after it hits the catalog. A lot of products never make it out of print.
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    Will this work?

    Expect .5 hours for every 18650 cell or .167 hours for every CR123 cell. With 3 CR123 cells I would expect 30-45 minutes of runtime at best. 2 18650s recommended would get about 2 hours of runtime.
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    I can't speak for the maglite (yet?? who knows) but the HoundDog is impressive, my inclination would be the maglite would have a higher brightness but the Dog would all together whoop it in terms of usefulness. That opinion is based on the beam angle of the mag reflector. Out of focus I find...
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    I had a similar question I bought an MD2 a couple years back, is it now a removable tailcap? I'm guess it's switched from Kroll (nice feel I must admit) to McG?
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    I mentioned to the guy that it seems awfully obscene that a flip up beam filter in that size would be so much. He checked (supposedly) with a higher up about it who claimed the cost of the filters necessitated the price, but I'm not really sold on that. However it's the price and wasn't...
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    What technology will replace LED's as most efficient light source

    The real concern with this LEP "technology" is that you have a microwave antenna pumping whatever amount of power into the puck which directs the energy into the fused quartz tube to heat the mixture. That is inherently more complicated and potentially dangerous than current lighting technology...
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    Quality made Headlamps?

    I'm really liking my Saint Minimus Vision. Very comfortable and inocuos. Really digging the variable output.
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    I picked up a P2X-Defender from Surefires headquarters a couple of weeks back. (they were out of the P2X-Combat). Really slick light, very bright and great beam quality as usual. I picked up the blue filter with it. (would have gone red or diffuse but they wanted $100 for those models vs. the...
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    18650 or 2x cr123 compatible glass breaker.

    Because an aluminum flashlight will bend before it breaks glass, unless you have the punch of a professional boxer don't expect to break automotive glass with an aluminum flashlight. Glass breakers work by applying a considerable force to an exceptionally small area creating great pressure on a...
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    18650 or 2x cr123 compatible glass breaker.

    Don't be too surprised if you dent the flashlight rather than break glass, aluminum isn't really the idea choice for a glass breaker, especially automotive laminate.
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    Do you text a lot?

    Usually I don't text much at all, some days with group text messages I can hit the hundreds, though that includes 6 people texting.
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    Surefire E2DL going dead/battery question

    The batteries are dead. When loaded their voltage will drop, when sitting around and attached to the meter they have what's called resting voltage, which is higher than the voltage under load. Batteries rebound after being discharge they will read at a higher voltage than you might expect but...
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    What's the biggest and baddest LED flashlight that you have?

    Today it is a Surefire P2X Fury Defender, later this week it will be a Malkoff Hound Dog. Who knows after that. I also ordered 7 18650's.
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    Need some custom lathe work done.

    Once you part it a few second of sanding would net you a flat part. No need to face both sides.
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    O/T - 3 phase door opener phase converter needed

    I managed to get a GE/Fuji AF-300 Mini 1 HP 120VAC 1PH VFD for $80 on eBay. Runs up a Baldor TEFC 1725rpm just great. Brand new sealed in box with manual.

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