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    Auto detailer headlamp recommendations

    Depending on what you're looking for out of your headlamp, here are some options from Sky Lumen that allow you the ability to select the LED that will best work for your needs.
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    Replacement For Nitecore HC90

    I can't think of too many other headlamps that use a sliding switch to turn on and switch to the different modes. You'd have to do some searching on your own to find one, since most of the headlamps either turn on using a button or a rotary switch. The 21700 battery is going to have a higher...
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    Red Light Primary Headlamp - Waterproof, Metal, No Memory?

    Some of the options that I can think of are a custom headlamp from Sky Lumen that you get to pick the LED for. Otherwise some other headlamps to consider are...
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    FENIX HM61R v2.0 Headlamp review

    Great review! I might have to sell my Fenix HM61R and get the V.2, since it would be nice to be able to go directly to the red light mode. Plus a bump of 400 lumens in turbo wouldn't be a bad thing.
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    Red lens headlamp

    Here are a few options that offer a red LED:
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    Headlamp That Flashes

    I'm not sure why the OP needs a flashing headlamp, but it's up to them to figure out which flashing mode works best for their needs. I never said to shine it at every driver going down the road, but if there's a driver that looks like they're going to hit you, then I would use any means...
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    Need help repairing Fenix HL55

    Yep, the plastic tab broke off, so I sent an email to one of the Fenix stores with the serial number of the headlamp. They then forwarded it onto Fenix headquarters in China who authorized my warranty claim and sent me the new plastic headlamp holder. It did take about about a month for the...
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    Headlamp That Flashes

    I just figure strobe is going to get people's attention better than a slower flash and he should be able to see what's going on in front of him. Other than that it's just a guess really. He'll have to try the different modes to truly know which one works best for him.
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    Need help repairing Fenix HL55

    I'm wondering if someone out there in the lower 48 that would be able to help me out with repairing my Fenix HL55vn? Unfortunately one of the tabs that holds the strap to the headlamp itself broke off. Fenix sent me a replacement holder for the headlamp itself. I was also sent a couple of videos...
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  14. HL60R Bracket Installation Video Tutorial (1).mp4

    HL60R Bracket Installation Video Tutorial (1).mp4

  15. HL60R Bracket Removal Video Tutorial.mp4

    HL60R Bracket Removal Video Tutorial.mp4

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    Headlamp That Flashes

    I would think that the strobe mode would work the best for biking. 🤷‍♂️
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    Headlamp That Flashes

    Glad to help you out. I know that there are some really nice bike lights out there too, but they normally don't flash (except for the rear lights) and usually cost more than $150. 🤑🤑🤑😲😲😲🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️ Like these...
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    Headlamp That Flashes

    Sorry for the delayed response, but here are the headlamps I found that flash. Thrunite Headlamps Fenix Headlamps
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    Headlamp That Flashes

    Besides flashing, is there anything else you're looking for from the headlamp? Battery size? Red flash? White flash? User interface? Output? Etc?
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    Newby with a question on headlamps

    Welcome to CPF. :lovecpf: I'm sure you'll discover it's a great place to figure out what your next light will be or what upgrades are possible, and anything else you can think of that's flashlight/headlamp related. To answer your question, you could send your H30 to Vinh and have him modify it...

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