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  1. tre

    Maybe I'm being too picky, but...

    more reason to use 2AA: 1) power is out so you can't recharge your now useless 18650 2) long camping trip where you can't recharge your 18650 3) If the light is going to take abuse, you need AA batteries. 18650 cannot take abuse 4) extreme heat or extreme cold. 18650 does not do well in either...
  2. tre

    Peak Vesuvius (or other lights) + Magnifying Glass!!!

    Never tried that. How long does your vesuvius run on high and how hot does it get? I'm guess about 5 min before the battery is dead?
  3. tre

    Neutral-white Quark 123² Tactical or Quark "X" 123² Tactical

    I really like the Quark X. The throw is nearly the same but you have so much more light and more flood from the Quark X. The beam is really nice on the Quark X. I liked it so much I purchased three neutral quark X.
  4. tre

    Issue with Olight on 18650s.takes several clicks to turn on..Olight says it is normal

    I have NO such issue with my M3x. Mine always turns on with the first click using 18650 cells. I would send that back if they refuse to fix it. I use AW 2200 18650 cells, Redilast 2900 18650 cells, and IMR 18650 cells all without issue in this light. I've never used cr123a cells in this light...
  5. tre

    Fenix TK70; Is this fact?

    I don't know anything for a fact but running turbo mode on alkalines has got to be nearly impossible. My guess is that this is a flase rumor.
  6. tre

    spot -> flood optics alla LED Lenser - are they any good?

    I'm not going to say anything because this is always turns into a heated debate on these forums. I'm not trying to sound rude but this question comes up about once per month. There is a ton of information in these forums about LED Lenser. Please, do yourself a favor and read about to pros and...
  7. tre

    How do you choose ?

    There are many factors to consider. 1) tint. Do you want neutral or cool. Cool is never white. It is blue, green, purple, etc. Anybody who tells you they have a "pure white" cool tint has not owned many lights. 2) flood, throw, or something in between? A light with too much throw is useless...
  8. tre

    Regulation and battery life question

    A few things: 1) The Preon Revo has been discontinued so you can't buy one. 2) The Revo uses current regulation which is more efficient than the PWM the Preon 2 uses. 3) The Preon 2 low mode puts out nearly 50% more light than the Revo low mode. This makes a huge difference in run time. Combine...
  9. tre

    XM-L Lumens?

    Nope. It can be done and has. Kevin at Lambda lights drives the XML at 6A. He uses his direct copper to LED bonding method. I've measured my custom single XML from him at 1100 OTF lumens. Kevin tested another one at 1300 OTF lumens from a single XML. BigC also tested one of Kevin's single XML...
  10. tre

    XM-L Lumens?

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. I know of one over driven custom built XML light that can do 1000 OTF lumens. I've never seen another. I guarantee any XML light you find that claims 1000 lumens is a complete fabrication - avoid that light because it is most likely cheap junk.
  11. tre

    Neutral the preferred light?

    Yes, a neutral tint has better color rendition. This is a fact. There is much documentation about color spectrum and wave lengths of neutral tint vs cool tint. This does not mean everyone likes netral better. Many still like cool tinted lights better. It seems people with more lights eventually...
  12. tre

    What did you score from the 4Seven's Black Friday Blitz 30% Sale?

    I purchased a 2AA mini to give as a gift.
  13. tre

    Upgrade for my Fenix LD10?

    I've owned between 50 and 75 lights and I would rate the LD10 near the bottom of the pile. I think you will be very happy with any replacement you buy. I would add a Spark SL6, Zebralight SC600, and Zebralight SC60 to your list. The Zebralight UI is one of the best in the business.
  14. tre

    Zebralight SC5

    Re: Where is the Zebralight SC5 $39 X-mas special light? I was counting on this light for gifts for a couple people. Simple UI, not too many modes, good price. back to the drawing board I guess. I'm not sure what to get for gifts now.
  15. tre

    Small & Powerful

  16. tre

    Fenix LD10 vs. Zebralight SC51

    I had both. Sold the LD10. SC51 Pros : fantastic beam great tint best UI on the market small Amazingly efficient for great run time my favorite pocket clip 6 brightness levels great low modes (0.2 lumens or 2.5 lumens) amazing output on a single AA battery SC51 Cons: May have to lock out the...
  17. tre

    Smallest flashlight with the biggest output

    That would do it but it only runs for about 4 minutes before the battery is dead and becomes so hot that it will burn the skin right off your hand. That 600 lumens is also emitter lumens. If this light was measured according to the ANSI/FL1 standard like most other manufacturers, it will most...
  18. tre

    Nobody likes the XPG S2s!?!?...

    I'm sure we have all had that experience at some point or another. Some things are just not worth selling for the price people are willing to pay for it. Heck, look at the housing market.
  19. tre

    Nobody likes the XPG S2s!?!?...

    bandaid and GeoBruin, you can sell anything if the price is right. Exactly!
  20. tre

    Best 3 x- XML light out there

    Read the review by Selfbuilt.

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