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  1. saabgoblin

    Sold/Expired McGizmo Haiku "Black Beauty" *Price Drop*

    Hello again Hornady, just tried to PM you with further information but your in-box is full.
  2. saabgoblin

    Moving to Portland, OR

    San Francisco does have it's downsides for sure but remember what happened to that doctor lady from the TV series LOST after she moved to Portland, she was sent to the Island and you may suffer the same fate. Actually, an island might not be a bad choice but Oregon is amazingly beautiful. All...
  3. saabgoblin

    Butter and Bread and Sandwiches Oh My!

    This one rocks and was my father's favorite. Well lets see here now, you can never go wrong with butter, and heaps of it, on a REAL NYC Bagel or Matzoh. As for other sandwiches, I recall and old post about liking lebanon bologna, grilled ruebens, and my favorite of grilled chicken with Dijon...
  4. saabgoblin

    Sold/Expired McGizmo Haiku "Black Beauty" *Price Drop*

    Gosh darnit, this sure is tempting!
  5. saabgoblin

    If you could only have 2 lights...

    Malkoff M31 Warm 2XAA twisty body and a Surefire E2D Incan, that way I can switch the 3 volt Malkoff head onto the 2 cell SF body and use a dummy CR123 spacer to keep the voltage below 3 volts so I don't exceed the top end voltage on the M31W.
  6. saabgoblin

    What quality AAx2 Lights have a tight hot spot.

    The Malkoff 2XAA twisty is working really well for me, it has a nice hot spot with a gentle transition into a beautiful and generous spill. I have the warm version so I can only assume that the cooler version would have an even hotter spot. The only drawback would be that it's a twisty body and...
  7. saabgoblin

    Epic AAA Run-time test (low level only!)

    J.S Burly's carries a ARC AAA-AA body by Valiant Designs and if Peak threads are compatible with ARC threads, then the solution may already be available.
  8. saabgoblin

    Looking to Replace my Surefire E2D with ??

    I just bought an E2DL and I still want to upgrade my E2d with one of these drop ins, they look very promising!
  9. saabgoblin

    Happy Birthday, Craig!!

    Happy Birthday Craig, I'll never forget your comparison of the Gerber Sonic to a certain part of a dog's anatomy, priceless!:thumbsup:
  10. saabgoblin

    E2DL or upgraded E1E/E2E?

    Check out numerous sellers online because you can get a lot of free batteries from a few sellers.
  11. saabgoblin

    E2DL or upgraded E1E/E2E?

    The SF E2DL is a great light and you may want to consider grabbing one of the Malkoff Little Twistys with an M31 drop in although the M31 modules are now sold out as of this post. I just grabbed the 2XAA body with the VME head so I can run NIMH's without exhausting my CR123's in my E2DL. The...
  12. saabgoblin

    Head Lamp Brightest with no external battery pack

    Princeton Tec Eos still seems to be the best in so far as size and output. They did add a diffused optic which has increased the flood and diminished the spot but I believe that it may still fit the bill. PT's Remix Pro, CR123, and the standard Remix AAA have a dedicated spot with an alternate...
  13. saabgoblin

    Brass Night Patrol Special

    Personally, I would prefer that the light switch also be made out of brass and not like the SS Night Patrol with the HA Black switch if I remember correctly. 18650's would be fine but I would also like a 2XCr123 option as well since personal preferences have been alluded to for my purposes...
  14. saabgoblin

    LED Flashlight for survival kit

    Personally, I have a HDS Basic 42 in my earthquake bag that I bought relatively inexpensively over at CPFMP and a Jetbeam Jet 1 Pro as well with back up AA's and Cr123's. The UI on the HDS is much better in my opinion in comparison to the Jetbeam but since it uses AA's, I feel better knowing...
  15. saabgoblin

    ITP C8 2AA Review - Regular and Tactical versions - RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, and more!

    Can anyone enlighten me if the ITP C8 is compatible with standard 1.7 volt Lithium cells. I belive that it may be but I want to load an extra one up with Lithiums for a family member to avoid any leaky alkaline problems for long term usage/storage by non Flashaholics. Thank You
  16. saabgoblin

    E2D LED / LX2 / E1B - Which for everyday carry?

    Personally, I just ordered an E2DL to replace my E2D but I regularly carry and E1B as well, now on a holster on my day pack. I prefer the older style clip for it's ability to attach a split ring easily whereas the E1B switch needs to be upgraded/replaced by a Z68 or E2D switch to allow for a...

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