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    [Review] Olight Perun Mini - Upgraded 1000 lumens for 1 minute and No CR123A support

    thanx a lot for your efforts to compare S1R II with Perun mini i review it currently, and if i didnt red your review i wouldnt even thought about this step backword from company. you`re right. they have to impliment more innovations.
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    [Review] Fenix TK11 TAC with mechanical mode switch ring (1600 lumens, 18650)

    Surprisingly, Fenix ​​have come up with some sort of new UI. And this is more or less normal UI. The flashlight, as usually, has dubious moments, but, in the end, Fenix ​​TK11 TAC is definetely not bad, I was way more sceptical about it before writing review. Fenix ​​TK11 TAC official model...
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    Fenix E03R - coolest Fenix keylight ever (260 lumens, Type-C, 200mah, 5500K)

    judjing from what i`ve seen in review - i wouldnt pick rovyvon. idea and appearance is cool. but result iis doubtful. though, i must notice, i havent hold any of them in hand. so it is basic assumtion
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    [Review] Fenix E20 v2.0 (SST20, 5500K, 250 lumens, 2xAA)

    for submission in the Reviews forum Even though 18650 models dominate EDC flashlight segment, there is a time-tested category of flashlights that have been made for a long time and seem to be going on. I mean 2xAAA and 2xAAA models. Yeah, this is a technologically stagnant swamp, where it is...
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    Fenix E03R - coolest Fenix keylight ever (260 lumens, Type-C, 200mah, 5500K)

    for submission in the Reviews forum Choosing between keylight with built-in battery and classic AAA model, I will prefer 1st one. It`s maximum brightness is significantly higher, there is an additional light and, which is important for me personally, there is no need for separe external...
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    [Review] Fenix LR35R. (10 000 lum, 2x21700, 5500k, 6xSST40, 3A Type-C)

    for submission in the Reviews forum Fenix released the most techically breakthrough model that i`ve ever seen of them! There are: Type-C, 2×21700 batteries, 10 000 lumens from 6? SST40 LEDs 5500K (!) light. And, you will not believe, Fenix gave us both full stabilization and button lock! Just 3...
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    Review: KLarus FX10

    A lot of flashlight manufacturers tried to find success with zoomies. I tested several and mostly wasn’t that happy with them. Klarus went further and decided to mix their well-known tactic lights with zoom optic. Lets take a look if they succeed. Specs: • CREE XP-L HI V3 LED; Extreme...
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    Review: Fenix HP30R

    that means that thermal regulation is really agressive. it drops output to low level and wait until light gets cooled, then turn full brigntess on, over and over again.
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    Review: Nitecore TINI CU

    Review example was provided by Nitecore (thanx to them again). Utilizes a Cree XP-G2 S3 LED to emit maximum 380 lumens Built-in 280mAh Li-ion battery provides a max runtime up to 60 hours Intelligent protective circuit supports micro USB charging Demo mode and daily mode selectable 4...
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    Review: Nitecore Concept 2

    Review example was provided by Nitecore. PACKAGE AND APPEARANCEPackage looks expensive. Modest thick black cardboard box with gold\silver embossment. Inside, in black foam rubber lays set of flashlight, holster, lanyard, manual, charger, spare rubber button and charging port cover. Glad to...
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    Review: Nitecore MT42

    MT42 was provided by Nitecore for review. PACKAGE AND APPEARANCE My set come without box, but, of course, in regular situation, buyer gets it. The same yellow-black box, that all of us known. And as well, my set doesn’t include holster, though manual says it should be included. All the...
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    Review: Nitecore LR12

    Review example was provided by manufacturer. I`ve already tested LA10, really experimental product, that turned to be good and functional. So I use it 3-4 timed per month when I need some illuminaton for midnight “tea and book” time. PACKAGE AND APPEARANCE I got flashlight “as-is”, within...
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    Review - Lumintop ODF30 XHP70.2 3500lm 19600cd 280m - by Lock

    great review. i also about to post review of it, my impression are positive. Luimintop arent that good at full-size lights, but i like this one, seems that they slowly increase usability
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    Review: Nitecore EC22

    Review example was provided by manufacturer. — All the full size-photos you can also see here(link is external). PACKAGE AND APPEARANCE My review example was send as-is, with no box. That is no problem, because any of you who`ve bought Nitecore`s stuff, got the same yellow-black cardboard...
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    Review: Acebeam K30

    Review example was provided by Fasttech. 2-3 years ago that would be WOW-review, for such output from such size. Now, K30 doesn’t impress so much, because Acebeam offer a way more powerful lights. But, still, K30 is a seriously good light, that i`m glad to tell you about. It took me a while...
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    Review: Nitecore MH23

    please take a look at the video, MH23 is in my hand there all the time. what about 2xCR123 - you can use it, but DONT charge (of course).
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    Review: Nitecore MH23

    Nitecore MH23 was provided by Nitecore for review MH20, predecessor of this model was really good and innovative light at the moment of release. I consider it to be one of the best EDC lights back in those time and it is still interesting after 3 years. Compact, bright (remember that in 2015...
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    Review: Nitecore GP3

    sorry, haven`t undestood you. could you please explain your question in more details?
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    Review: Nitecore NU25

    i thing that active sport (NU25 is positioned as active sport headlamp) - jogging and all the stuff are more non-winter activities, so that`ll not be a problem. but, yes, in thick gloves, that`ll be a hard to press buttons. but that is the same for lots of full-size flashlights. i`ve...
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    Review: Nitecore NU25

    Review example was provided by Nitecore. — I`ve already tested NU05 and NU30, both of them impressed me in good way. When I go for an evening walk with my kids, one of them always carry NU05 attached as a beacon, so I can locate where he\she is clearly. And i`m glad to review one more model of...

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