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    Amazon Basics BLACK = Eneloop XX??

    Same batteries. Read the recent Duracell Ion Core thread for info.
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    Eveready Lithium Batteries

    Just picked up some 20 year Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 from Wal Mart. The fine print (Very fine) says Made in Singapore. This is both on the AA battery and on the back of the retail pack.
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    Eveready Lithium Batteries

    I have seen Eneloop 1900 3rd generation work at -35 C. They were in the outdoor sender in a thermometer. Saw the -35 C on the thermometer myself. This corresponded well to online temperature given for a small city 20 miles away. Am not claiming here that they will give full current at those...
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    Duracell Ion Core AA & AAA

    Have you troubled yourself to read this Duracell Ion Core thread?
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    Fujitsu HR-3UTC NiMH AA

    We here on cpf know about Twicell. Look back at the recent Duracell Ion Core thread for lengthy comments on this. "Fujitsu has nothing to do with the design or manufacturing of the "Fujitsu HR-3UTC" batteries." Fujitsu is the owner of FDK Takasaki. FDK is a subsidiary set up by Fujitsu...
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    Japanese Vs Chinese Eneloop Cycle Testing Results

    The AAA's appear to be Japanese 3rd gen eneloops. The AA's appear to be genuine Chinese 4th gen eneloops.
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    Energizer EcoAdvanced (Alkaline) Batteries

    What is the root issue with leaking alkalines? Is it because they outgas so easily and force out the liquid? Other battery technologies don't leak. So manufacturers know how to seal batteries.
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    Another Eneloop Charger Thread

    Other. Panasonic BQ-CC17. Don't need any other charger with Eneloops. In fact I have a couple of them. Am going to open one and see what it would take to run it from 12 volts.
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    Tutorial: Laptop Battery Pack 18650 Extraction

    Welcome to the forum You are looking for an economical, yet versatile charger. A well respected useful charger would be the Nitecore i4. It can handle your laptop pulls which are the 18650 size. It can also handle the AA and AAA NiMh and NiCd batteries, as well as other lithium ion...
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    The best 16340 rechargeables I can buy

    That's ok, you get the credit anyway.
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    The best 16340 rechargeables I can buy

    Re: Sugestions Could this even be triple entendre? Volta's voltaic pile was THE original battery. Only Chris knows for sure.
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    Topping Up New Batteries With Included Panasonic Charger?

    Cosign on this. The Panasonic BQ-CC17 is my preferred charger for NiMh. Just set it up and let it run overnight.
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    Did Eneloop's ever come in or with a case like this ?

    I have some of those eneloop cases. They snap securely shut and have been reliable for me.
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    What does CC, CV and dV/dt stand for?

    NO! The charging voltage is related to the type of chemistry. Charging current can be related to the size of cell.
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    Eneloops: what charger do I need? (info and discussion thead)

    Re: Eneloops: what charger do I need? Ah, got it. Thank you for that. It is all harmless when you explain it that way.
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    Eneloops: what charger do I need? (info and discussion thead)

    Re: Eneloops: what charger do I need? Really mcnair? In a thread about charging eneloops you don't have a clue about what is forcing charge through the batteries?
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    Eneloops: what charger do I need? (info and discussion thead)

    Re: Eneloops: what charger do I need? Cosign. Eneloops are constructed with very sensitive chemistry. That chemistry, and battery life, are compromised when we start forcing charge through them.
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    Test/Review of Toshiba AA Impulse TNH-3A 2400mAh (White)

    Thank you HKJ for all your reviews. Note that in your photo no. 2 a battery shows Made in China on the wrapper. With all your experience, would you compare these curves with any of your previous tests? Do these batteries resemble any that you have encountered?

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