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    Anyone tried the new energizer vision series?

    I picked up the 300 lumen module a few weeks back, it's not to bad. One thing that is annoying is that a good part of that light ends up back in my eyes!. And when you try to adjust the tilt, the plastic sounds as if it's going to break. chiphead
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    RIP Lighthound.

    They will be greatly missed. I can find Solarforce on Amazon, but there' on heck of a mark up. chiphead
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    Nitecore EA4 (XM-L U2, 4xAA) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    First of all, well done on the review! You do a flashaholic proud. But heard that there are 2 flavors of the E4, white and so called neutral. If this is the case, how would no which one I'm getting? chiphead, Austin,TX
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    Increasing earthquake activity

    Is the Ring of Fire unzipping? chiphead
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    Convoy Roche F8 short review

    Where did you find this puppy?
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    Down here in Sub-Saharan (Austin)Texas we've got a real winter (35f or less) on our hands. All these folks down here know about ice is that you need to to make a margarita! Two weeks of biting cold make me home for Arkansas. In the meantime I've been running two Energizer Advanced lithium cells...
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    Very difficult NOT to love AAA's these days.

    So far my Maglight XL-100 is the best I've had yet! chiphead
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    Last purchase 2013

    Hi all! Is anyone planning their last flashlight purchase 2013? Right now I'm entertaining the purchase of a Nitecore EA4, I need something that can take AA. chiphead, Austin,Texas
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    Reason 101 why divorce sucks

    And people ask me why I've never married! Hang tough!
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    Li-Ion in winter

    Li-Ion in Winter 3 Anyone have any tips on protection Lithium batteries this winter? chiphead
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    EDC Pen?

    Right (Write)now I'm using an Uzi Tactical pen with a Fisher cartrage and a Parker adapter. chiphead
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    Fake Ultrafire

    After studying the pictures, I'm sure what I've got! For one thing, thing threads for the switch are on the outside. Second, the color of the inset of the switch is gold instead of the pictured green, meaning a bootleg? Third, at the top of the battery tube there some sort of inset with a metal...
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    "Defiant" 1AA at Home Depot

    Will it handle an Energizer Lithium? chiphead Ausin,TX
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    EDC Pen?

    Uzi Tactical pen with a Fisher refill+Parker pen adapter.
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    need suggestions for an emergency radio and go bag

    Right now I've got my Radio Shack #12-522 All-Hazards Weather Radio here at my desk. Chiphead
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    Fake Ultrafire

    Got my 502-B last week from Amazon, using your findings mine is the real-McCoy! Bravo!
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    Streamlight Stinger Nickel MH battery

    Thanks for the feedback fells, I'll pass on this one. chiphead
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    Black and Decker 4D Beam Lantern with Stand Review

    This unit will look good in the back of my truck, are you saying the it "will" take the big 6V lantern battery? chiphead

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