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    Show your Sunwayman collection!

    WOW! It's the nicest collection of V10R's I've seen since Sunwayman brought this iconic flashlight to the world. The unmodified SWM V10R already has a "round" design and interfaz, in my opinion; even more so when it is made of titanium; but this cast of special actresses is amazing, I had not...
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    Show your Sunwayman collection!

    As with almost everything, flashlights are also increasing in price, especially limited runs and special materials. That V10R is very nice with tritiums, switch and custom clip. I think the V10R is one of the most special EDC flashlights by design and interface, it's a shame it disappeared from...
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    latest greatest 5mm leds

    You must read this thread in the other forum
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    Show your Sunwayman collection!

    I think that currently the only thing similar and/or improved that is for sale is one of the various versions of the Jetbeam RRT01, because I think that the rotary HDS play in another league...
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    Show your Sunwayman collection!

    Sunwayman had glorious beginnings between 2010 and 2012, launching a full range of magnetic ring lanterns, both step and continuous variation, with excellent design and build quality. Subsequently, their lights became more conventional, abandoning magnetic rings, with common designs and...
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    you are only allowed one flash light for rest of your life.What is it ?

    Sunwayman V10R, ramping up and down and forward clicky
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    Do you think your aluminum Sunwayman V10R is collectible?

    I prefer sunwayman's v series over others with continuously variable magnetic ring, both for its regulation without visible jumps and for its forward mechanical switch. Although I have sold some, it has always been because I had it at least repeated.
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    Do you think your aluminum Sunwayman V10R is collectible?

    I see titanium V10Rs sometimes (rarely) offered for sale, but I've hardly ever seen an aluminum V10R for sale. Do you all use yours, or do you have it exposed in the showcase like a shelf-queen?
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    Show your Sunwayman collection!

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    Members' experience by brand with leaking alkaline cells.

    In my experience, which includes many alkaline batteries with acid leakage, the leakage is mainly caused by the existence of pressure or longitudinal compression force so that the positive and negative contacts of the device circuit with the battery do not fail. Acid has never been spilled on me...
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    Show your Sunwayman collection!

    Magnetic rings, magnetic rings, magnetic rings...
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    Maratac AAA led swap?

    Normally you will be able to unscrew the pill with a pair of fine-tipped scissors, and access the led to unsolder it and solder a new led with a light tint to your liking. To do this you must handle the soldier. I had no problem changing the LED on my AAA copper Maratac.
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    Show your Sunwayman collection!

    Very good Choice!. The driver of the first V20C versions had to be unreliable (one with little use has failed me), so later Sunwayman improved it with a version 1.2, which is the one that is incorporated in the V20C-Y
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    Show your Sunwayman collection!

    This thread has been inactiva too long, it needs to be refloated. My favorite Sunwaymans have always been the ones in this photo, both with a forward pushbutton and short turn continuously variable magnetic ring, a perfect interface in my opinion. In addition, they are beautiful flashlights...
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    AAAA Light? still has for sale the Mi-X5, that uses one alkaline AAAA.
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    【Discussion】What's your favorite flashlight and why?

    Sunwayman V10R // V11R. Because its interface of forward switch and continuous variation in a compact size.
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    Sunwayman V10R XHP50 3V, and as spare, Sunwayman V10R XM-L2 and Fenix E15 170 lumens.
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    WTB sunwayman Ti

    SWM "V10R".
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    Small diameter, forward clicky, HiCri

    Wurkkos WK01 has a version with a SST20 4000K led, has a forward, but it is a single AAA form.
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    Vote for Your Favorite Colors Here!

    #1; #5; #7; BTW, is your nick related to Sunwayman? I really miss the magnetic rings and great designs from that brand.

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