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  1. Light11

    WTB: Tritium E Switch for Sunwayman V10R

    Looking for a Steve Ku 3 or 6 tritium electric switch.Please pm me if you have one. Thank you.
  2. Light11

    Picture of your GIZMO !

    Love it!
  3. Light11

    PEU Trit bezel

    Thank you Lightknot. Awesome picture my friend! Now I want a PEU knife too!
  4. Light11

    PEU Trit bezel

    Please pm me if you have one you can part with. Thank you 🙏🏻
  5. Light11

    <expired> upforposterity

    I’ll take a Malkoff M61 Red V1.
  6. Light11

    ISO: CoolFall 007 and PEU Ti Pineapple

    Added Spy 005 to the search😊