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    Definition of a Budget Light?

    Guys thank you so much. You made me feel I'm not alone.
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    Definition of a Budget Light?

    Hi Timothy, Sounds you've got real good bargains. But as discussed in another post the xxxfire flashlights are always a risk to take. You either get a crazy price-performance ratio or a crazing lump of waste made from some workshop in China. Even the handsome brands disappoint sometimes. I read...
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    Definition of a Budget Light?

    Thanks guys you make me feel I am at least normal in the price setting. Mine's also around $30 though my wife's bottom line gets lower. Don't just care about the price. Quality really matters.
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    - The great list of "****fire" Flashlights!

    Believe it or not Supfire is an amazingly recognized brand in China and it bears a same Chinese name (shenhuo) with Surefire. Crazy stuff here.
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    Nitecore Tube

    How's nitecore's T360 compared to it? I like the new ways to play but it seems kinda decreases its handiness.
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    Definition of a Budget Light?

    Hey guys just wonder how cheap a light would you call a "budget" light coz one day my friend asked me to recommend a budget light (yeah I have some authority), he said he expected pricing around $120-150. Hell it makes a main tank for me already. He did make me feel less guilty buying the P12GT...

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