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    Armytek Vs. Zebralight Vs. Something Else?

    please pm me ebay seller that shipped that quickly thanks
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    ...right-angle/headlamp with good flood and some throw

    thanks for your input everyone. i think i'm set on the armytek tiara a1 pro warm. i'll run 14500's in it for the substantial medium runtimes. :twothumbsanyone know where to buy one without waiting 3-6 wks for it to get here? seems they are backordered to many us sellers
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    ...right-angle/headlamp with good flood and some throw

    Had been leaning a bit toward the armytek tiara since i'd seen it, mostly for the higher output over zebra h5x. big difference between that and the wizard? I know they supposedly have better warranty and customer service than zebralight as well. what makes them better for lithium ions?
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    ...right-angle/headlamp with good flood and some throw

    Hi everyone, i was dead set on a zebralight headlamp until i started looking at other options...:banghead: I want a headlamp/right angle flashlight to be mainly used for outdoor work (leaf cleanup, lawn mowing etc) after dark. Would like some throw to it so i can see obstacles in my path, or...

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