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    WTB fn24

    Mine got run over. Need one for my Surefire M6. Bill
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    Sold/Expired GONE: Peak Eiger lot

    Can you upgrade the quality of your images?
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    WOW! Everything has changed !

    Welcome back. I still use inca lights. Love the hig CRI. Bill
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    Show your Rare/Unusual SureFires - Part 3

    I love my Surefires, too. could you cleara them up a bit?
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    Enlan EL-02B Test

    Ho did it cut after you re did the edge?
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    Knives vs Flashlights

    Good post. I started major interest in flashlights and knives after I retired. Older now, I still like to pull out my toys. Bill
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    Elzetta G-Line

    Got my G RCR today. I like it. The clipI will be kept for anti rolling of the light. Bill
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    still dont know what to edc

    This is a flashlight forum. and is not about using a flashlights as a weapon, and is not about defending with weapons. Other forums are set up for that. Bill
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    It's looking like you are not making a lot of sense here. Maybe leaving this thread would bee good. Bill
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    TRADED Malkoff M361 sw30 and M61RV2

    WTT should be done via PM's or emails. Bill
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    Sold/Expired Spydiechef

    What was the sales price of the PM? Bill
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    Titanium Collections II

    Awesome lights guys. Got some names for them? Bull
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    Movies Suggestions to Watch on Stormy Night

    Thanks,I will order it. Bull
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    Movies Suggestions to Watch on Stormy Night

    Looked up some reviews of this film, some good and many bad. What did you like about it? Bill
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Your info is based on what Gene said? Bill
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    A very full load not monitored by me. Bill
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    My 200 lumen clicky went through a was and dryer cycle a few days ago with no problems. Bill
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    raggies random remarks ....

    Yes this is raggy's thread. He has his own style of communicating. Bill