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  1. ampdude

    6V rectangular lantern battery

    Yea, there's a ton of old farmers that still have lantern lights in their barns. Don't really understand that myself. I have a couple lantern lights myself, the square type, which is easy to find batteries for, and one that uses the screw terminals, that those batteries are pretty expensive, I...
  2. ampdude

    Flashlights and CR123 batteries

    Flashlights and CR123 batteries" Like grapes and cheese...
  3. ampdude

    Federal government cracking down on batteries!

    If we allow them to we'll all be living in padded rooms in straight jackets. The ones who are allowed to vote will be the ones who can put the square peg into the square hole with their teeth. And of course there will be just two candidates. Exactly like now.
  4. ampdude

    RCR123 that doesn't suck?

    Mission critical stuff is not for rechargeable batteries. AW quality cells are not around that much any more. I look at certain brands like Sanyo and Panasonic, but I discriminate in my choices. I did buy some Powertac cells many months ago that looked pretty good, but I haven't even taken them...
  5. ampdude

    D-cell Alkalines... no longer worth it? Obsolete vs. other batteries?

    4D to 6D Maglites make a good club. So does the 2D even. The C's aren't far behind.
  6. ampdude

    Does AW Still Make Batteries?

    They work in a 9P style light but.. As others have noted, and I've tested for myself, they don't work in the M3. Something to do with the extra length I believe.
  7. ampdude

    Does AW Still Make Batteries?

    I definitely miss the AW P17500's a lot. They were made to the closest specs to work in 3 cell Surefires. I have some issues with other newer cells. I have two AW P17500 sets left and they both still work and hold voltage well.
  8. ampdude

    AmazonBasics AA batteries

    I have a couple 2300mAh Energizers that do the same thing, even on 200mA charge. After they die the next time I'm probably going to chuck them. I might to try a necromancy on the Maha charger, but we'll see.. Revive! *edit* I just checked and they won't even discharge at 200mAh in the charger...
  9. ampdude

    Old cr123

    They have a pinkish hue on the wrappers instead of the normal full red if you ever open one up, and a SUREFIRE font like nothing you will see on any batteries newer than 2002 production or so. 2001-2013 expiration sounds about right then. Around 2003-2004 they started with the different old...
  10. ampdude

    Old cr123

    Did they come in boxes like these? :giggle:
  11. ampdude

    Old cr123

    I have tons of ancient CR123A's I'm always going through before the newer ones. I just make a habit of checking their voltage and knowing where they originally came from to decide if they are safe in multi-cell lights. And I only use quality CR123A's. Not that most aren't nowadays, but there use...
  12. ampdude

    Sanyo NCR18650GA vs sony vtc5a?

    They tend to go bad pretty fast when they are below 30% charge. I think below 20% for too often is flirting with death. If they get that low or lower, charge them up right away. Doesn't have to be full charge, but put a decent charge back on them. And they get worse the colder the climate...
  13. ampdude

    Sanyo NCR18650GA vs sony vtc5a?

    Do you have a solar charger for this? Lithium Ions don't do very well when they are discharged. Also, they don't like the cold too much regardless of charge.
  14. ampdude

    My Latest Alkaleak

    Looks about right. Had one ruin another flashlight a couple months ago. I'm pretty much done with them, even if they pretend they're starting to make them better now.
  15. ampdude

    Energizer AA Lithium

    Just for reference I have used Duracell CR123A's made in the 90's recently that still worked fine. I have some Surefire CR123A's that expired around 2010, same deal. Probably still 85% or more of original capacity on both. I've even had ancient alkalines that worked fine, but I tend to think...
  16. ampdude

    Titanium Innovations CR123A 1600mAh 3V any good?

    Everyone sub-contracts things out when they can get away with it. And it's the same as sourcing parts with the bean counters and sourcing people working in a factory. One day you have one brass threaded screws from XYZ distributor, then the entire next week you have a nickle threaded screw from...
  17. ampdude

    Titanium Innovations CR123A 1600mAh 3V any good?

    And they have had different capacities per brand, as per all the tests we've seen over the years. If they're all the same cell simply because they may or may not be made in the same factory, then why did we always see different capabilities between Panasonic, Energizer, Surefire, Streamlight...
  18. ampdude

    Titanium Innovations CR123A 1600mAh 3V any good?

    Same factory doesn't mean same specs. If they're made in the same factory it would be hard to know, once something gets said on the internet and repeated a bit, it tends to become gospel. And if something changes, the internet doesn't catch up to reality for years.
  19. ampdude

    Get em while you can - Surefire 123A primary's on clearance at Lowe's

    I agree Stress Test.. But I'll wager you that my 2012 expired cells will probably power my incan E2e's or C3's just about as well as brand new cells. Those batteries from back then were serious quality. Over the years it's been a little hit and miss, but SF still seems to make the best CR123A's...