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  1. shelm

    *NEW* Nitecore EA11 900lm 14500/AA

    Features: Dual switch design Secondary red LED Battery voltage indicator High efficiency constant current circuit Direct access turbo mode Direct access ultra-low mode 1.5 Meter impact resistant IPX-8 Waterproof Crafted from hard anodized aluminum Includes sturdy aluminum pocket...
  2. shelm


    Microbluebear MBB-LC2 MBB-LC4 MC2 MC4 charger? Thrunite MCC-4 charger? Fenix ARE-C2 charger? Supbeam LCD-C5 C5 charger? Hexinyu Heseny HXY-18650-4C charger? Klarus Cletus CH4 charger? Enova ALL-20 ALL-40 charger? :dedhorse:
  3. shelm

    Bluetooth Color LED Bulb

    just a quick heads up i found some new innovative product on the revogi site and got myself a copy from a local dealer. It's made in China but apparently made for the Western market. I was able to decode the 2 QR codes on the side of the retail box: Scan to Download Delite App...
  4. shelm

    Owned models — not keepers…

    I had bought, sold, traded, given away a whole bunch of models - they just weren't keepers :crazy: Some of the non-keepers were: bye-bye Nitcore TM11 : TM15 is more powerful and a real keeper bye-bye Klarus P2A : too big and heavy i kept her lil sis the P1A bye-bye Rayovac : i could rubberize...
  5. shelm

    **New** Thrunite 1×AA 350 ANSI lumen

    i will update the OP and the thread title with flashlight model name when more info becomes available. Thrunite is all over the www (forums, facebook, youtube, ebay, amazon, their own forum) and has been spreading bits of info here and there including CPFMP. it is getting interesting now...
  6. shelm

    PD35 — P12 — TN12

    Which were your pick(s) and which one is your preferred model? And why? :thinking: I got myself the P12 and as white wall hunter am thinking that it could have a more perfect beam. Am missing Fenix-type of quality! :crazy:
  7. shelm

    SPORTAC® P60 drop-ins ©2014 Eagtac™ LLC

    Sportac P60 LED dropin for Surefire hosts (XM-L2 U2) — Sportac P60 LED dropin for Surefire hosts (XM-L2 U2), brass construction housing, deep and throw optimized smooth reflector, 1116 LED lumen, 2.7-9V operating voltage, built with CREE XM-L2 U2 Cool white LED, or CREE XM-L2 T6 Neutral White...
  8. shelm

    **NEW** Spark SF5 & SF3 — CW & NW

    Spark SF5 & SF3 — CW & NW I've seen these in the 2014 Spark pdf-catalog and they are already listed on HKE for sale with both "Spot / Floody Lenses" included as kit. So what do you guys think of this model? Very original? :D
  9. shelm

    Quark QT2A vs Fenix LD22 (incl. drop test!!!)

    Not too much going on these days on the many flashlight forums, so i did some youtube surfing and found this spring 2013 interesting comparison video. The guy has several quality lights (Fenix, Foursevens, Jetbeam, ..) but he's probably not a CPF flashaholic, i could tell by his use of words and...
  10. shelm

    IDC: which do you Carry at home, InDoors?

    The term "EDC light" more likely refers to us leaving the apartment/house, taking the main bunch of keys incl car key and keychain LED, and gearing up with another light clipped to pants or jacket pocket. But what about us being back at home, sitting around in front of TV, at the kitchen table...
  11. shelm

    Which Sunwayman V1xx/M1xx you got?

    Owner's pride:huh:/owner's meh:ironic: Imho the V1xx/M1xx is not only a classic offering in Sunwayman's catalog but also has become the iconic model of the brand. SWM exploited this series with numerous similar models, reiterations, special editions, colors, materials, updated LEDs, etc. to...
  12. shelm

    Eagtac SX25L3 (3x18650, 2750lm)

    2375 ANSI lm. Specs available since today! 1x CREE. Looks similar to GX25A3 (XM-L2, 3xAA).
  13. shelm

    Lights you gave away for any reason

    I didn't want to keep Xeno E03 or Fenix E01 in my collection and also kept only 1 Klarus. I sold these out of dissatisfaction but i enjoy buying other keychain flashlights as gifts. How about you? Lights you gave away for any reason, by intention. Could be nice gift :huh:, good riddance...
  14. shelm

    Armytek Prime Pro

    Maximal light output: 340 lumens LED: Cree XM-L2 U2 LED Tint: Cool White 5500K Optics: TIR-optics Stabilization of constant brightness regardless of frost and low battery voltage: FULL Protection of electronics by compounding it in aluminum capsule: YES Impact Resistance...
  15. shelm


    PD35: PD32UE: Who would prefer the pd35 to the recently acquired PD32UE? :devil:
  16. shelm

    Which model did you buy several times and why?

    I have a friend who, if he thinks that the music CD is great or valuable for some personal reason, buys several copies of it. And sometimes, or often lol, .. he does not even listen to any copy of the album. The story goes like this: Goes in his favorite CD shop, sees an interesting new CD...
  17. shelm


    am speechless :eek:
  18. shelm

    Fenix threads: heads of LD22 and LD12 interchangeable?

    Anyone who got both lights and can tell for sure if the 2 heads are 100% interchangeable with regard to the threading? Maybe a 14500 blows a LD22 head? :D
  19. shelm

    Are your chargers still going strong?

    My chargers and their history: C9000: ~1.0yr old, no problems HXY-1A: cr*pped out after 3 uses, full refund received from Chinese dealer i4 V2: ~1.0yr old, no problems. am extremely pleased with it so far. Imax B6: got rid of it after a few uses. not meant to be a charger for round li-ion...
  20. shelm

    EagleTac T20C2 still relevant? — loving mine!!

    What about ET's ex-flagship the venerable T20C2 (MkI hit the market in 09/2009, MkII is the current version), do you owners still find it relevant? And how many owners among cpf regulars are out there? I talked to flashlight dealers and they state that it is still a best-selling model from...

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