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  1. ico

    Sunwayman D20A

    Have you seen the NEW D20A? Seems promising. The "2xAA parallel" is a bit misleading though. I thought they were saying that the batteries were connected in parallel thus having a long runtime but the light is in series and only the direction of the battery are parallel...
  2. ico

    SF e1b durability

    I'm just wondering how long did your e1b last or most likely how long has your e1b been running up to now? I just want to ask since one came up here in my place and is priced just lower than the new ones offered in cpfm. I would love to get a new one in cpfm but the international shipping is a...
  3. ico

    Any reviews on Nitecore CR123s?

    Cr123s here range from $4-5 each at retail. Those are the energizer and SF brands. The cheapest I found were of the nitecore brand which is $1.95 a pop. I just want to ask how are nitecore batteries' performance with regards to the energizer and SF brands?
  4. ico

    Surefire 6 pack with battery case

    I just saw this photo recently and was trying to get a hold of the picture of the battery case only. Do any of you guys have a picture of the battery case only? Thanks
  5. ico

    A cognac-aholic post that resembles very much how I currently deal with flashlights

    Someone asked "Where would be the best place to start for someone new to Cognac and for a middle price range" and turkeypants' reply was: Middle price range, HA HA! That term is meaningless, and more so every day. Get ready to embark on an odyssey of price distortion. For someone who is used...
  6. ico

    Can you guys post pics of a zebralight SC600 beside an HDS

    I have recently seen a pic of a zebralight SC600 on a palm and just noticed how small it is. I have always thought it was somehow bigger based on pictures so I wonder if any of you can take a picture next to an HDS rotaty/clicky for size comparison. I would gladly appreciate it. :D
  7. ico

    Batteries as stylus for touch screen phone

    I was trying if I can use my E05 as a stylus on my capacitive phone then I suddenly tried using the battery. When using the posiive end, I managed to make it work once. Just once. I then used the negative side and low and behold, it works like a charm. Eventhough it metal, i dont think it will...
  8. ico

    Does your Quark AA 2 X have a greenish tint?

    Does your Quark AA 2 X have a greenish tint? Is it very noticable or not much based on an AA2 xpg version?
  9. ico

    Eneloop cracking

    My sister just arrived from japan. The eneloop on the bottom was at her bag while the one on top remained in her room. She was in hokkaido for most of the time and the lowest it got there was -12 Degress Celcius. The only thing I can think of doing this is the temperature right? The "white"...
  10. ico

    Head units that will fit the surefire E1E?

    I know all the E-series head fit the E1E body may it be LED or incan type. Are there other (not surefire) head units that will fit the E1E body?
  11. ico

    Titanium Spork

    Since most here are fond of titaniums, Do you guys also buy sporks in titanium? A spork is one thing but in TITANIUM? It's another reason to collect. I own 2 which are the Optimus titanium spork and a gold/yellow Vargo titanium spork. Most say the tines are short enough to not be able to eat...
  12. ico

    Good lights in Japan

    Do you know if there are any good flashlights that can be bought in Japan? Or maybe some kind of specialty light? I also heard that you can only get D sized eneloops there? (Not spacers or jacket but real D sized niMh) Did they make a specific charger for the D cells?
  13. ico

    NoPoPo Eco Water-Powered Flashlight Set

    Does anyone here own this kind of light? How to use the NoPoPo mini lantern Use the included syringe to suck water into the NoPoPo battery Place the NoPoPo battery into the mini lantern Switch on! Specifications...
  14. ico

    Moisture on the Reflector

    I noticed the reflector of my Fenix E21 looks white when it's on. When off, it looks like any other reflector but definitely does not look like any when on. I guess it looks like when you exhale on a glass. I don't what caused the moisture but the last time I lent it so someone, he was in a...
  15. ico

    Poll: Battery used in your Quark Turbo X 123²

    What setup do you use your Quark Turbo X 123²?
  16. ico

    Niteize Spotlit question

    Can you use a single CR2032 instead of 2 CR2016 for the Niteize Spotlit?
  17. ico

    Niteize Spotlit question

  18. ico

    Series or parallel

    For example: when using a light that uses 2 AA batteries, let's make the fenix E21 as example light, the batteries inside make a series connection right? IT also means that the voltage increases but the capacity stays the same. So the total voltage will be 2.4V(1.2 * 2) but the capacity will...
  19. ico

    Fisher Spacepen

    What do you prefer when writing and EDC: Chrome finish Matte finish Titanium Nitride With or without Clip?
  20. ico

    1 X CR123 tube for E21?

    Just wondering if any of you have seen/made/mod a 1XCR123 battery tube for the Fenix E21?