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  1. Lips

    Black Friday 2021: what light(s) did you purchase?

    3 Headlamps Sofirn SP40a 18650 & 18350 $21 Armytek Wizard C1 Pro Magnet USB warm LED using 18350 $41.40 Skilhunt H04 Mini High CRI ver Magnetic Recharge $36
  2. Lips

    ZL H53 on 14500?

    Thanks for the heads-up on this light! Ordered SC53w and it arrived in two days so they have them on hand even though it show's back ordered... The old style silver clip is smoother for me but the light works great on 14500's. On an eneloop pro this light is under powered with its fairly wide...
  3. Lips

    FIRE-FOXES FF5 XENON HID 10000lm 2000m Thrower Searchlight Flashlight

    Bulbs without the ceramic and wires installed are virtually useless... They did begin selling them correctly at the end of the FFIV
  4. Lips

    Any word yet on Firefoxes FF5?

    Selling flashlights is almost as hard as raising children, lol! I'm not involved and it's much easier cost wise to sell from overseas. I sent message to guy who made the previous versions FF4 - FF3 etc. to see if he is behind the new FF5. I'll report back if he answers or says anything.
  5. Lips

    VoltVamp Battery Drainer Giveaway

    I'm in. Thank you for the giveaway.
  6. Lips

    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair. $15.00

    I'll be dang, the light came back to me Saturday. Took 47 days round trip. All fixed and back working. Looks like they repaired bad part on the driver and put some potting material on there back of it. The brass button where + battery resides looks used so pretty sure same driver... Light sat on...
  7. Lips

    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair. $15.00

    Bought that thing 03/01/2010 and the replacement SC31 04/10/2012 so it lasted 2 years. Getting old! Took your advice and sent them a message... Checked receipt and mailed it to them 12/10/2018 so been out close to 6 weeks... Please add to my RMA file for repair of SC30 RMA (#201838281)...
  8. Lips

    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair. $15.00

    Ah, I should have added a note to send the old light back fixed or unfixed if they replace it with a newer model. I have the newer models already and there is much to love on these old models you can't get or rarely see anymore... The switches are firm with no slack in the old models and they...
  9. Lips

    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair. $15.00

    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair recently(end of 2018). $15.00 (They cashed the check) Light worked for only around a year when I got it new. Upgraded to the SC31 when it malfunctioned. Wonder if they will fix the SC30? It's a classic for sure!
  10. Lips

    Olight S1 Mini CW 600 Lumens 16340 mini USB rechargeable, Review

    Zebralight SC32 cr123/16340 cool white still being sold and is usually in stock...
  11. Lips

    [Review] Olight S1R Baton II

    Love to buy one But not at 6500K, sad still! Nice review!
  12. Lips

    Emisar D4S

    Just a fantastic versatile beast of a light in a pretty small package. Learning new stuff about the user interface everyday! (400 lumen regulated by loosening tail-cap). It's not an EDC like say a Zebralight SC32 but the D4s is a great light with lots of customization and function. Great throwy...
  13. Lips

    Zebralight SC32 & SC32w are on their way...

    Bought a SC32W from guy on CPF forum a month ago. The SC31W has a better more crisp & less mushy button than SC32W and SC31W is smaller in width. SC31W has a better usable beam in low and mid than SC32W. SC32W has more efficient driver than SC31W and is brighter for sure on high with nice...
  14. Lips

    Need advice on a battery for Zebralight H32Fw

    These have tested to have the most mah and should work. Fenix ARB-L16-700 16340 Rechargeable Battery or you could go with an unprotected IMR 16340 for a little less run time but more current if the light is stepping down on you...
  15. Lips

    Whats up with the Zebralight SC32W,

    I sent an inquiry if they plan to update it; said no plans at this time. Who knows! Be about perfect for me if they made a 18350 version now the capacity is around 1200mah (Aspire, etc) Sc32w shows back in stock:twothumbs:
  16. Lips

    SureFire is no more

    They were so stupid to admit to copying "that" technology in open court they deserve to be broken up in to pieces and sold off...
  17. Lips

    First Light Tomahawk and T-max flashlights...

    Re: First Light Tomahawk You can run the Tomahawks with 2 x Rcr123 as driver is ok with the higher voltage. I bought 18 of the LE version when they sold off several hundred units of the original UI to make room for new UI. The only thing changed on the new UI was a double click from lockout...
  18. Lips

    Fire Foxes IV FF4

    + 5w in highest setting power (original is 60w and extreme is 65w on high) Stainless Steel Bezel ( Looks better ) Larger Logo Minor internal tweeks No info yet on Ff5 .
  19. Lips

    Fire Foxes IV FF4

    New EXTREME 65w version with Stainless Steel Bezel (20w - 40w - 65w)
  20. Lips

    Car roof magnetic mount

    Search Magnet 07223 95 pounds 3 3/16 in D x 3/8 Strong and I paid about $7 each. Has recessed hole for mounting bolt...