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    WTB (or trade for SF parts): Surefire Z32 old style round bezel

    Hi, I am looking for a Surefire Z32 old style round bezel. Please let me know, if you have one in (very) good condition and if you are willing to ship it to Germany. I could also trade for Surefire parts, if interested. Thank you, Till
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    Keeppower 18500 2300mAh - What is behind?

    Hi, I just realized that there is a relatively new 18500 battery available from Keeppower. They promise to have 2300 mAh. Does anybody know which cell they use? I have not heard anything about a 2300 mAh cell from Sanyo/Panasonic, LG or...
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    Surefire 9AN with 2x 21700 and KT2 Turbo Head?

    Hi, I wonder whether you could run a KT2 Turbo Head on a Surefire 9AN Commander. I know that the factory Turbo Head is the KT3, but except for the different lamp assembly it looks identical to the KT2. Can someone confirm that the threads of KT2 and KT3 are compatible? If yes, I think it would...
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    Sold/Expired WTB or WTT: Z41 or Z58 HA olive - I could offer M91W, Z41 HA grey

    Hi, I am looking for (buy or trade): - Z41 or Z58 HA III, olive tint. The most possible olive, it should color match with my very greenish M2 body. - M91BN 5000K from the last group buy. I know this is almost impossible, but still worth a try. I got the 4000k and love it. Now I realize that...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Malkoff MD4 host or body only AND broken Malkoff Mx1 drop-in

    I need a MD4 for my Hound Dog XM-L head that came without body. As I want to use a non Malkoff tailcap, I would be fine with the MD4 body only. Edit: Also looking for a broken Malkoff M31, M61 or M91 drop-in - if they even exist. I want to try whether it is possible to swap the emitter. As the...
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    Need a McR-27L or McR-27S - Is the Sandwiche Shoppe still alive?

    I need a McR-27L or McR-27S reflector to mod a light and tried to contact the Sandwiche Shoppe for that. Well, I got no reply to my email to [email protected], the user dat2zip is inactive since 08-28-2015. Also no reply to my pm to Ms_SS, his last activity was 12-13-2016. Did I miss...
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    Sold/Expired WTT: My cool Malkoff Hound Dog V2 and V3 for your neutral Hound Dog V3 and Wildcat V5

    Hi, I recently got two Hound Dog heads. While I love the beam, I do not need two and the cool white color does not match with the other lights of my collection. One head is a V2 (#0293) with the harder driven XM-L and 900 OTF lumen. The other is a V3 (#0577) with XM-L2 and 1150 OTF lumen. At 9...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Böker Turbine and Turbine II, black G10 handle, MINT

    Hello CPF, I currently change my collection to items that I really do use. So here I have two beautiful mint knives from German top brand Böker Manufaktur for sale (see I am the original owner of both. I neither used them, nor hit the blade with any sharpener. They are not that easy...
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    Sold/Expired Sold: Oveready white Cerakote C2 with L1C V3.01 Triple

    Hello, I have to raise founds for new lights, so up for sale are the following items from my collection: White Cerakote Surefire C2 from Oveready, near mint, with Oveready Triple V3.01 cool white single mode. Asking 250 USD including worldwide tracked shipping. SOLD I am the original owner...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Surefire Z52, Maglite 6C, E1E bk hosts (sold), Z68 (sold)

    WTS: Maglite 6C, Surefire Z52 (sold), E1E bk hosts (sold), Z68 (sold) Hello, I have to raise founds for new lights, so up for sale are the following items from my collection. 1. E1E body black (#1), mint condition. 80 USD SOLD blank threads 2. E1E body black (#2), mint condition. 80 USD SOLD...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: TnC Products Detonator Extender and Malkoff M91B(W)

    Hello, I found a M2 here, thanks. Skipped the look for a C3, instead I want to try a TnC Products Detonator Extender or something similar. Also still looking for a M91B or M91BW. Would be great, if someone had one for sale here as well. Please note that I live in Germany, so it would be...
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    Sold/Expired Sold: Malkoff P7 Direct Drive Drop-In

    Sold to Bullet Bob: It was a hard decision, but I have to raise some founds. So I will sell my Malkoff DD P7 drop-in. I bought it from Raoul_Duke once, this drop-in actually started my addiction. Since then I used it for about five fully loaded 18650. It has a little mark on the reflector, as...
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    Today I learned why not to trust a cheap light

    Normally I do not go the cheap way and this also holds for lights. But besides my Surefire w/M61 I have a Solarforce L2P running a Solarforce drop-in as an all purpose light at home. It performed well so far, so I kind of understand people who say they do not spend more money on a flashlight...
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    12 Eneloops in a Mag 2D

    Hi, inspired by the thread 16 full length AA in Mag 3D w/o extension ( I started to think about how to fit 12 AAs in a 2D host. Those who are interessted can see the result here: Looking pretty normal from the outside. Well, here...
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    Someone ever tried a 50W bulb in a MiniMag?

    Hello dear CPF-Members, please don't laugh at my newbie question, but I wonder if someone ever tried to put a 50W halogen bulb into a MiniMag. Or at least 35W or 20W? Actually it should work quite well (technically, don't know about heat issues). Could look like this then: What do you...