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  1. G1K

    My Holy Grail (Ti)

    Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, here are 3 :) (Yes, it is what you think it is) R
  2. G1K

    Sold/Expired PEU Stainless Steel bezel with 3 green trits

    I purchased this from the original group buy by PEU on CPF a number of years ago. Two of the vials I had epoxied in broke; I replaced them with two new vials today. The epoxy for the original vial has a bit of yellowing and it’s a tab bit less bright than the two new ones. I know for sure the...
  3. G1K

    Sold/Expired FS: Titanium / Tritium pendants

    I've run a few batches of these before but had to stop for a while. Long story short, I now have all the equipment in house to produce these and I'd like to run another batch. Options: 1: # of sides - 3 - 4 - 6 2: Slot style - single with holes - double...
  4. G1K

    Sold/Expired FS: PEU bezel with 3 green trits

    **EDIT: the title should read PEU, not PUE. Hopefully I just fixed it I need to make some $ for an upcoming purchase. One tritium is installed, the other two are not. $80 shipped USPS with delivery confirmation with in the US. Payment by paypal (no credit cards), or $5 discount for payment...
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    Newest acquisition: Mill

    Just got back from Syracuse to pick up this mill. It's a 1994 Supermax, a Taiwanese Bridgeport clone. The ram and head are off, the head was disassembled and then the project forgotten about. It has power feed and a Mitutoyo 2 channel DRO, and a Mitutoyo quill readout. Table is smooth across...
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    I'm evaluating a few different inexpensive DRO's. The two top on the list are the shumatech 350, and one sold by CDCO. Anyone have experience with either? The CDCO unit for a 12*24 lathe is $449 and comes with scales. There's now a US distributor for the Shumatech, the intro price for the...
  7. G1K

    Sold/Expired WTB 4 3mm * 23mm white tritium vials

    I am in need of 4 white trit vials size 3mm * 23mm. If anyone has any, please let me know. Thanks, Ryan
  8. G1K

    Be careful with the Ti chips...

    An interesting thing happened today, I was milling a bunch of titanium with a small end mill making very small chips. The chips got all over the front of my shirt. Later, I was using the belt sander to remove a particularly large burr on a ti part, and the bur caught on fire as it parted from...
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    Sold/Expired Titanium tritium pendant

    Up for sale is my final batch of titanium tritium pendants. There are 5 more left. The build options and prices are as follows: 4 slots, green trit: $100 (pic below of actual pendant) 4 slots, white trit: $110 6 Slots (white or green trit) $150 (rendering of pendant, I have not...
  10. G1K

    RIP to those on Flight 3407

    A plane went down last night en route to Buffalo Niagara International airport. It hit a house, 2 people of 3 were able to make it out of the house. All the passengers and crew members did not make it.
  11. G1K

    Some lathe tooling arrived today

    New tool post and tool arrived today. Best thing about the post, I paid the same price as a phase 2... on sale :) Next step is to get the t-nut machined to fit the monarch. I'll try to get that done tomorrow and post up some pics if anyone is interested. Ryan
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    Since everyone else is dong it, or my new (old) lathe

    I decided I needed a new lathe and have been searching for a particular model for a few years on and off. This is the old craftsman that the new lathe is replacing: Before: After: I found a Monarch 10EE on craigslist in I think in July or August ’08 and drove...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Titanium tritium pendants

    I have another batch of titanium pendants with tritium inserts for sale. The pendants are 3/8” diameter, ~2” long. The tritium vials are green, 5mm * 23mm and are not exposed to the environment, they’re sealed inside the titanium capsule. Each pendant is hand machined, there are very small...
  14. G1K

    Recommend some indexable lathe tooling

    I'm looking for a boring bar, internal threading, external threading, and general turning. I'd like indexable/insert vs. brazed carbide. I have access to all the HSS I could ever want. Will be used on 12" swing lathe, 3hp, 3000 lbs. I've been using crappy HF tools on my mini lathe, and...
  15. G1K

    Sold/Expired WTB: ARC AAA Red led

    I'm looking for a user, the more scratches and dings the better, the only condition I need is it must function. Let me know if you have anything available. Ryan
  16. G1K

    gun/light mount

    can anyone recommend a good mount to put a 6p on a mossberg 500? Ryan
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    US made baby items

    My wife and I went to babies r us today to begin our search for a crib, playpen, changing table, stroller ad car seat. While looking for the counrty of origin on a car seat, an employee asked if I needed any help. I asked if he knew the coo, he said everything here is imported. He meant...
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    Going to Maui in 2 weeks

    Does anyone have any must dos? I plan on snorkling, both from the beach and on a boat tour. Sunrise on Haleakala (can't do the bike ride down this time due to injury). I also have a few great hikes planned that I found out about through geocaching. How about anything to avoid? Ryan
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    HDS EDC question

    The anodizing on my tail cap is a slightly different shade than the waist portion. This leads me to believe that they are two sperate parts. Is it easy to seperate these two parts? I do not want to damage or mar the finish, so I haven't really tried to twist them apart with any mechanical...