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    Recommendations for logging light meter

    I use the Exetech SDL400, but it's actually more expensive now than it was when I bought it.
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    Weather/AM/FM radio

    Does the Tecsun require a button-top cell?
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    *** Maelstrom MXS 2nd Run

    I don't think that is what Mr Tone is referring to. I think he's saying that if you have Low/Medium memorized and go to Burst, when Burst switches to High after 30 seconds, High becomes memorized.
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    SOLVED: Maha Powerex MH-C9000 fails start test!

    I'm curious to hear if you end up getting it working. I ended up scrapping mine, which was a bummer.
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    How to remove Zebralight clip?

    Thanks. I found a set of small screwdriver ones at Amazon. I'll add them to my next order.
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    How to remove Zebralight clip?

    What tool do I need to remove the new style Zebralight clip with the three holes? Nothing I have around the house works. Not that I'm looking forward to buying a tool for one thing, but this clip is annoying. (I'm not sure this is a great place to ask this, but nothing better jumped out.)
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    Hurry up new Quarks!

    You might already have found out, but it arrives in Config 3. I'm surprised how warm High will get. Based on the fact that mode memory is widely used, I assume it's liked by most people, right, and that I'm the odd-ball who isn't a fan?
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    THE light, none of you have (I think) ACR FA-

    I can separate the two halves of the head, but can't unscrew the light module from the bezel. I see what you're saying about the battery tube. Maybe brass mates with itself *very* well, but I wouldn't count on it being more than water resistant.
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    THE light, none of you have (I think) ACR FA-

    I was over confident. Looks like the LED module is bound with loctite. On the plus side, I assume it really is waterproof, but that negates most of my plans. Looks like d-c-fix it is.
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    THE light, none of you have (I think) ACR FA-

    V-04 is a mule with 12 Refond 2835 0.5 watt 4000K 85 CRI. U-04 is a a cool white XP-L HI driven at ~4amps. Both run on an 18650. They're both good lights, but completely different. While the U-04 runs longer than the thrower I have, and is smaller (though not narrower at the body), I have no...
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    Peak's website?

    Can someone help me out with what I assume is common knowledge for folks around here? RMSK is not Peak, even though that lists a host of Peak flashlights ( Meanwhile, the Peak site I can find seemingly hasn't been updated in five years...
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    THE light, none of you have (I think) ACR FA-

    Yeah. It arrived today. I thought only the Kickstarter ones had the reflector. Javier really needs to update his website. And I was sent a U-04 instead of a V-04, so I'm 0 for 2. This day just keeps not being a good one.
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    Bones vs Bravo thread

    Going back to the first post, I'm surprised that the Bones has its own optic. I wonder how well the wide optic works in it.
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    Prometheans Sign Up Thread

    Please sign me up. $750 is out of my budget, but kudos for the Tron. That's awesome.
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    THE light, none of you have (I think) ACR FA-

    I have one on the way. I can't believe I haven't been able to find out which bulb the FA-5 used. It looks like most of the bulbs of that size and voltage are 6-10 lumens. The FA-5 seems to have had a short reflector of sots, but I assume the beam would be mostly a mule.
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    THE light, none of you have (I think) ACR FA-

    That's pretty sweet. Can you tell what type the original bulb is? I'd love to know that.
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    Anyone else have Zebralight PID failure?

    Actually, it just dawned on me that most of the times it's done this, the battery hasn't been used for hours. Does the internal resistance of a battery decrease as it warms? Even if so, I'm not sure that this would explain it, since not *all* the times this happened were from a rested cell.
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    Anyone else have Zebralight PID failure?

    Okay, I guess I didn't get ahead of myself. Something is definitely up with this light. After a couple of days of behaving, it once again just ignored the fact that it has a PID controller. I really don't see how the cell's internal resistance could be all that high, and I'd expect the...
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    Anyone else have Zebralight PID failure?

    Well, turns out that maybe I got ahead of myself. I mean, I know what happened yesterday multiple times, but it didn't happen today. Maybe the batteries and/or flashlight were too hot and that caused it to act squirrely. Something was definitely up, but until I can recreate it, I don't have...
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    Anyone else have Zebralight PID failure?

    I'm surprised there isn't a Zebralight forum. Anyway... Has anyone experienced a Zebralight PID failure? I know anything can break - I'm wondering if this is a thing other peeps have had happen to them. While I was using the light on H1 the output suddenly dropped. I'm guessing to M1. I...