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  1. PaladinNO

    Acebeam H15 CREE XHP70.2 Max 2500LM Headlamp Global Testing Campaign

    I cannot find it on your webside, Acebeam, but are there plans to make the H15 rubberized headband available for separate purchase? That rubber insert was just a genius invention! Also, loving my H15. I don't care what people say; no magnetic charging or USB-charging port was, for me, a big...
  2. PaladinNO

    Acebeam H15 CREE XHP70.2 Max 2500LM Headlamp Global Testing Campaign

    Based on this video: ...I just ordered the H15 5000 K. I were looking for a ~1000 (or more) Lm floody headlight for night time walks, and while I already got a Fenix HP10 and Nitecore HC90, the Fenix has long since been cycled out due to too low...
  3. PaladinNO


    We are finally getting summer tendencies here in Norway (a whole +5°C in the sun today), and I already can't wait for winter and the long hours of blackness to come back. Got me one of these last week to fit on the roof of my car:
  4. PaladinNO

    Watch where you buy batteries from!

    "SEAURITY CODE" eyes started hurting upon reading that. Makes me wonder about my Asus motherboard - it said "TEAR OFF HEAR" on the I/O-panel cover. ^^
  5. PaladinNO

    Recommend me two lights. One keychain, one edc.

    If I were in the market for a regular EDC right now, I'd likely end up with the Fenix PD35 v.2. I own the previous model, which has been on my belt for 3 years, and apart from a few cosmetic scratches, it has not once failed me...
  6. PaladinNO

    Please help with choosing an all rounder 26650 flashlight

    I have used a Fenix PD35 (Thrunite TN12 equivalent) as a worklight for 3 years until I decided I wanted something...more. After reading back and forth for over a month, I ultimately settled on the Acebeam EC50 Gen. II 5000 K (neutral white). It was pricy, but it was well worth it, with the...
  7. PaladinNO

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    I got my Lazer Triple-R 750 Elite2 in the mail today, if that counts. I've given it a quick test, and am right pleased with it! Just what I wanted. :) Took me more than a moment to figure out how to fasten the bracket to the light itself...untill I got it under light at the right angle, and...
  8. PaladinNO

    LED 'drop-ins' don't work in headlamps

    Yeah, that was pretty much my conclusion as well. But thanks for confirming it for me. :)
  9. PaladinNO

    LED 'drop-ins' don't work in headlamps

    I feel my vobabulary is a limiting factor for me here, as well as the familiarity with technical terms, and that may cause me problems... I am looking for headlight LED upgrades (simple bulb-swaps) for my car; H7 for the low-beam and H4 for the high-beam... And from what I have been able to...
  10. PaladinNO

    Roof mounted, single-rack LED-bar spot at around 500 USD

    This went quieter than expected, despite the thread's been out only a day. ^^ Okay, but unless someone got better suggestions, the Lazer Triple-R 750 Elite2 will be the choice. 1-3 Lux between 500 and 300 meters...
  11. PaladinNO

    Roof mounted, single-rack LED-bar spot at around 500 USD

    ...I have either posted this thread some 15 times now, in which case I apologize, or it never gets registered at all thanks to consistent 503 errors or the page just ends up blank where refreshing does nothing. :| So, trying again: I should have asked here weeks ago, and now I am almost out...
  12. PaladinNO

    need suggestion for a headlamp with specifics

    If a bar mounted bike light would be of interest: A little over your desired budget, but otherwise the Fenix BC30 fits all your criteria, included the bonus ones. Two Cree XM-L2 neutral white LEDs. 2x 18650 batteries. Turbo: 1200...
  13. PaladinNO

    Photos of your lights good to know I haven't lost it completely yet then - I'm still where I only need a single flashlight for any specific need (or so I keep telling myself). ^^ But there may be hope yet for me to join the fold: When I read this first time initial thought was "...doesn't everyone...
  14. PaladinNO

    Photos of your lights

    Bugger, I had hoped to participate in the group buy. But on that particular light, I didn't want to jump the gun and commit to something not really finished yet. And I haven't had enough spare time to research it properly either. But don't worry, my above "complaining" regarding the TK76 was...
  15. PaladinNO

    Photos of your lights

    Thank you. But I must admit the photo equipment I use is so much better than me, and is the only thing that actually is doing anything when taking a picture. Canon EOS 600D + Sigma 18-250mm DC OS HSM, on a tripod...ran at Full Auto (oh horror, I know). The TK76 is indeed an intriguing light...
  16. PaladinNO

    Photos of your lights

    Thank you very much. :) Yeah, this "collection" really wasn't something I had planned for when I just wanted a decent worklight a little over 3 years ago. ^^ Now it's 40 lights (50, counting those I have sold and given away as gifts), some 4 chargers and around 85 batteries. And I fear I am...
  17. PaladinNO

    Photos of your lights

    I took some new pictures today, but they are unfortunately very boring compared to the "commercial class advertising" stuff further up here. :)!AuFMZD__7mN2imtD78lQrVy6WJTN IMG_4332_ - list of lights, from left to right: Nitecore Tip Nitecore Tube Manker E02H Coast/Led...
  18. PaladinNO

    ... daily usage

    Doing math can be dangerous - if I did the numbers right, I have apparently spent roughly 1400 EUR on lights, chargers and batteries in just 3 years (see signature). ^^ You asked for input, and that's what I wanted to give. I will admit I didn't read all replies here, but instead posted based...
  19. PaladinNO

    ... daily usage

    I have long since moved away from AA/AAA lights (insert 18650 light), so my contribution may be of limited value here. But I'll give my best shot: EDC: Thrunite Neutron 2c v3 (wow, ain't that name a handfull...). Single-button operation, easy to use, infinitely variable with memory function...
  20. PaladinNO

    Did Anyone Get Any Nice Lights for Christmas??

    From Norway, Merry Christmas to all! May thy stuffings be...stuffed with all things shiny and shining. I got myself a Fenix CL30R lantern, mostly intended for use at the familiy cabin...but looking at it now, I think I may keep it for myself. The Fenix TK75 2018 quikcly became the most...