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    Brous Blades Silent Soldier V2 gen 2 - Changing grips with one hand

    Made a video to show a way i have found while playing with the knife to change grips with one hand, its pretty secure and safe, just have to practice to do it faster. Sorry about the low light and bad english (i really need to practice it). If...
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    Anyone has had any experience with QTC 2.1?

    Like the title reads, i have been searching for info about how this new pill behaves and works, does anyone have had any experience with it?
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    Peak Logan 17500, much more brightness with the 17500 than with eneloop AA's?

    A lot more, around 300 Lumens with 17500, not only that, runtime will be a lot better too if used in low modes. I use my Logan always with an 17500, its a lot brighter and runtimes are really good, the AA option for me is there just in case (i really like having the option)
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    How do you remove a qtc pill?

    Gen 1 pills are notoriously hard to remove from a lug body, what i usually do with my other lights is just tap hard into the palm of my other hand like 3-4 times and the pill just comes off, if that doesnt work (and im pretty sure it wont because the thing that holds it in place is an o-ring and...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    No primary necessary, i have tested an AW IMR for the lower low sequence and it works flawlessly
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    ACME threads and QTC pill

    I am going to try the tape too, so far the bigger circle has been doing fine, some jitter a couple of times and then back to normal, opened it and some debris of the QTC material was on the disc making contact too, your tape solution definitely prevents this too. The bigger circle of QTC on the...
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    ACME threads and QTC pill

    thanks for the info on threading, sure ACME are less threads per inch as the trapezoidal section would take a lot more space than a triangular section, however its a lot less prone to deformation and should take abrasion with less effect on twisting. The tape solution surely works for smooth...
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    ACME threads and QTC pill

    Curt, a couple of topics regarding durability and operation of the pocket line of lights: -Would it be too difficult/elevate costs too much to machine ACME threads in the pocket lights? (Eiger, Logan, Etc) they are more resistant and might make operation smoother. -Like you wrote and DUMDUM...
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    New QTC pills?

    For Eiger owners : just tried making a bigger circle of QTC material (a size almost identical to the identation on the top pill part on an Eiger, the QTC material that comes with the pill is a tad smaller than that identation) it works good, but will have to see if it keeps like that in the...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    But the L1 user interface is simpler, one push and thats it, and its more intuitive : more pressure, more light, also the button is (to me at least) a lot more comfortable to use and it can also engage when its pushed sideways, being mechanical it has some advantages but could be weaker than an...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    I just tried making a bigger circle of QTC material (a size almost identical to the identation on the top pill part on an Eiger) it works good too, but will have to see if it keeps like that in the coming days, hoping the QTC material is now wide enough to keep the discs parallel, and also by...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Sure, sorry to leave the idea hanging and not explaining it. For the Peak Eiger QTC v2 i just slice in half (half the thickness) a new square of QTC material that goes inside the pill, so its left thinner but with the same surface. i take out the circle of QTC material that comes with the pill...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Thanks for the info, after reading about this i tried it on my L1 and works perfectly, like r_x wrote, the result is very steady, and i can get it without failing, but making it constant by twisting is uncomfortable to do, in a relaxed situation the twist lowest is very doable too. interesting...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Peak Logan generation 2 QTC with momentary switch, the 17500 body accepts AA, AAA, and any chemistry/voltage variation in those sizes, also available on 123 body size. Around 300 Lumens in high Even more portable with the same characteristics Peak Eiger second gen QTC AAA also with momentary...
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    Random Peak Questions

    ES, for max flood with clean beam you should use no optic or reflector at all, its like a wall of light, Oveready is working on pure flood heads for some Peaks
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    Best Place to purchase flashlight parts?

    Best place to buy Peak flashlights, Surefire parts, HDS lights, Moodoo Parts or full lights, custom light engines, accesories, batteries, etc, etc, etc. is They have the best service, guarantee, AND they dont inflate the price to give that kind of service; best web site to buy...
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    QTC flashlight - from scratch (non battery-crush)

    This is a very interesting thread, nice results TheFraz Very interested to know more of it, specially if you decide to make it in other cell types and regulated. Thanks for sharing your very nice work!
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    New QTC pills?

    Everybody sorry to message in this thread: ElectronGuru / Dan, i sent you a PM, hope you can catch it before the closing period of Oveready (Aug 4 to 12) Thanks!
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    Keyring Eiger bodies question.....

    Interesting accesory Dan, it could be made so it supports a keyring too, it would make a GREAT Eiger. Also could be made so it controls brightness from the tail (with a central stem) but dont see that option too practical for my current uses
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    New QTC pills?

    Can anyone that has had a gen 2 QTC pill for a while share how is it going?, is it still working smooth?

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