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  1. Lurveleven

    Cree has released XD16 I guess it will not be long before we will see small lights with very good throw compared to what have been previously...
  2. Lurveleven

    Holster for SureFire UB3T?

    Hi, does anyone have a suggestion for a good holster or another solution to carry the SureFire UB3T? It doesn't need to be SF, 3rd party solutions are fine. I tried a Mag D ring holder, but the UB3T is too top/front heavy, so it doesn't need a big push to the tail to get it to jump out.
  3. Lurveleven

    SureFire Dominator is coming

    It have looked like one of the SureFire catalog lights never going to happen, but it is now available for pre order, so it is finally becoming available! Anyone else planing to get this?
  4. Lurveleven

    Lux measurement of Ellie 10W HID

    Has anyone done a lux measurement of the FM/cmacclel elephant 10W HID? I'm wondering if Olight SR95S-UT will beat it.
  5. Lurveleven

    New version of SureFire E2L

    Looking at the following video, it appears SF is coming out with a new version of the E2L: It might just be a cosmetic change, but the head looks a little bit bigger, so I guess a different type of LED will be used. A black E2L...
  6. Lurveleven

    Too high MaxaBeam current consumption?

    I measured the current used by my MaxaBeam (Gen2) when hooked up to a 12V 12.5A power supply through a cigarette lighter adapter, I got 4.84A on normal mode and 10.2A on high mode. The voltage from the power supply was 12.12V at normal mode and 12.06V at high mode, that means my MB used 58.7W at...
  7. Lurveleven

    Warning against McGizmo clips

    I have been using one of these McGizmo clips to attach my TiCN Draco to my keychain so it is easily detachable, what I discovered yesterday was that it was a little bit too easily detachable since it detached on its own. When I got home and was locking the door I was shocked to see that my Draco...
  8. Lurveleven

    Upgraded Lupine Wilma 830 lm

    This thing will make our Stenlights look weak and dim :( I don't know what LEDs it will use, most of the Lupine forum is in German and my German isn't good, but from earlier posts by the Lupine engineers I got the impression it would not be based on the Cree die, so it will be interesting to see...
  9. Lurveleven

    I have discovered a new feature...

    When using my HD45 the other night I discovered a bonus feature that I haven't noticed before. If the light is turned on in low mode and it is almost turned all the way to high mode, then you can apply a litte pressure downwards on the head and the light will switch to high mode. Release the...
  10. Lurveleven

    Sold/Expired WTB: McE2S

    I'm looking for a McE2S in HA-NAT with 15ohm or lower resistor. Must be in like new condition. I'm also interested in Z57/Z61 modded with McE2S kit, also with 15ohm or lower resistor and in like new condition. Sigbjoern
  11. Lurveleven

    Mittens/gloves "compatible" lights

    I'm wearing shorts and sandals today, but it may only be 2 or 3 months before the first snow is here, so it is never too early to start preparing for the winter. The most important difference between winter and the rest of the year, when it comes to using lights, is the use of mittens or gloves...
  12. Lurveleven

    R123 and Surefire L1

    Has anyone been successful in using R123 Li-Ion cells in their Surefire L1? I'm thinking about getting this light and would like to know if it can use rechargeables. Does the cells fit or are they to fat? I'm especially insterested in knowing if AW's protected cells will fit. Will the...
  13. Lurveleven

    Maxa Beam Li-Ion

    Does anyone know what the Li-Ion battery packs for the Maxa Beam cost? I will start saving for a MB and need to know how much 2 of those packs will cost me. Btw, my EagleEye/Polarion HID is great, but I really need some more throw, therefore a MB :D Sigbjoern
  14. Lurveleven

    4200mAh Sub-C

    Apparently there have just been a big jump in Sub-C capacity. IB 4200mAh batterier are now available. Also found a 70A discharge graph over at Battlepacks, amazing cells! Sigbjoern
  15. Lurveleven

    Bulb cleaning

    I never touch high powered halogen bulbs when I install them, I use a piece of paper to hold them when I install them. But after a WA1185 I had installed exploded in a light I built for ZeissOEM2, I think I will have to start cleaning them with some cleaning solvent after installing them. So...
  16. Lurveleven

    Catalog with new Princeton tec products

    Here is the Princeton tec catalog with info on their latest products. It appears we will see more regulated lights, i.e. Corona has become regulated and Yukon HL has been replaced with Yukon HLD which is regulated, has more light settings and remembers latest light setting when you turn it on...
  17. Lurveleven

    P60 in Pila GL2?

    Can I use a Surefire P60/P61 LA in a Pila GL2? The Pila 3.7V LA only lasted for 1 hour (before the bulb became too black to be useable), so now I want to convert it to run a P60 with CR123 instead, since Pila doesn't use Halogen bulbs. If this isn't possible, then I guess I have to get a...
  18. Lurveleven

    Black Diamon Soliras Battery Recall

    FYI: Black Diamond Equipment Announce Recall of Soliras Headlamp Batteries. Sigbjoern
  19. Lurveleven

    Hotwire Calculator Brainstorming

    I have started to work on a Hotwire calculator that is intended to be used to calculate the parameters of overdriven incan bulbs, and to search for suitable bulbs for a given battery setup. The program will only run on Windows. This post is to get some input on additional features people my want...
  20. Lurveleven

    A19 reflector in PD?

    Will it be possible to use a A19 reflector in the PD? (I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question). Sigbjoern