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  1. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired WTB: Surefire Arc , any Beast , Rare Surefire

    Iam looking for any and all rare SF Lights , Pens , Knives , ... Arc and Beast , AND ANY PROTOTYPE. PM me thank you
  2. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired Wtb Surefire knives and pens

    I am interested in all the surefire knives.Alpha thru the push dagger as well as the pens, and any that have x00000 serial numbers would be awesome
  3. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired WTB SF! I completely understand this is a long shot

    This is an unbelievable long shot. But so is any attempt at me getting any of the rare ones from wts threads. I never have the luck of right place right time on the thread. I have been a long to lover of these lights, watching some of the guys on these threads come up with the most amazing rare...
  4. Blackbird13

    Ti light polishing 101

    I've only got the one titanium light and I use it at work , I use it for checking weld cracks. So it sees pretty harsh environments,it's got a couple scratches and I was thinking of polishing it up. I know when doing reps. On 9% chrome welds there is a diamond polish that is used then at the end...
  5. Blackbird13

    Rechargeable 123?

    I'm constantly going thru my SF batteries. I use a m4 with a very nice drop in mallkoff . Which is awesome. It has nice throw and a great flood but it eats 123 like lays potatoe chips. I've always wondered why you see cr 123 for sale at the stores but no rechargeables. Not unlike the AA, AAA's...
  6. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired Wtb Tain/ Tain Thud

    I am trying to get into the custom lights and I am always late to a sale. Does anyone know or have a Tain Thud for sale, or any other Tain that has a lot of grits prefferibly , thanks for reading and have a blessed day
  7. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired Wtb McGizmo Haiku Spy 007

    I've seen these and I can't believe how incredible the craftsmanship look. I'm sure there about impossible to get, but you never know till you ask, thank yal for reading this post, please have a blessed day
  8. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired Wtt crosshairs SF mint for SF Ruger or Taurus

    I have a mint SF m3 crosshairs, I'm looking for a SF Ruger or Taurus c2
  9. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired Wtb surefire catalogs

    I'm looking for several catalogs to complete my set . Also if anyone has one of those aluminum stands that the display book was attached too. I think it had a couple loops like a three ring binder to attatch the booklet too the aluminum stand. Thanks for reading my post and have a blessed day
  10. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired SF BATTERIES

    I'm a looking for any of the old style batteries with packages From the 2 packs on up to the 72. Thank you for looking and have a good day
  11. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired Wtb-WTT Unique and rare surefire lights and accessories

    I'm always looking to find any unique or rare SF lights, prototypes and limited runs. As well as the older batteries with packaging . Please and thank you for reading my post have a blessed day I have an e1e whine light that is in good condition with some minor wear, I would like to trade along...
  12. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired Wtb- SF aviator four flats or lumamax with flat sides. Any black aviator with four fl

    I've been trying but no ones answered lately for my wtb. Maybe I'll get lucky today also looking for any old SF battery with packaging the little packs and larger ones. SF arc series or beast thank yal and have a blessed day
  13. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired WTB/WTT for SF ARC Series lights

    I am very interested in buying one of the SF ARC lights, I believe there were a few models. Also any of the beast series of lights. Please let me know if yal have any advice on these lights and thank you very much for looking at my thread have a blessed day
  14. Blackbird13

    Sold/Expired Wtb or trade for some older SF lights,SF Beast,display pieces and older battery's

    I'm trying to set up my man cave with my sf case and I need several lights and display items as well I've been trying to find some of the older style battery packs, 2 packs all the way up to the 72 pack. I can buy or I have a couple lights I can part with . I also have to trade an m3 crosshairs...
  15. Blackbird13

    SF Porsche light how rare are they

    I'd like to know how many are out there and too see some more pics of these lights. I personally think they look very elegant , also I was curious to know if it was something PK designed, and why did SF make them
  16. Blackbird13

    SF L5 LumaMax Remington

    There is a special edition L5 on eBay and I was wondering how rare it is I've searched and searched with no luck anyone out there have one.
  17. Blackbird13

    Get together

    When is the next get together that anyone has plans for in the SE
  18. Blackbird13

    SW01 replicas

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there are tail caps that look like the sw01, or similar.If so are they any good( are the quality made) or are they junk
  19. Blackbird13

    pk design

    im haveing a hard time trying to figure out the sponsor web site pk design . does anyone know if its a site u can go to to buy new lights designed by the master (paul kim) or what.
  20. Blackbird13

    Beast upgrade ?

    I've looked for info but coming up empty maybe it's not something that needs to be fooled with( if it ain't broke don't fix it) just wondering if any one has seen or heard of this being done

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