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  1. joshk

    Any modern lights with interfaces that aren't crazy?

    best thermals ;)
  2. joshk

    Phone Service Options

    I do have a phone number. It's just not appropriate for a cashier to be feeding it into a database just because she can.
  3. joshk

    Any info about Ford Fusion Hybrid Li-Ion batteries?

    Yea, I wouldn't try opening that, it just has fire and pain inside. That type of battery is built for giving power in bursts, like when flooring the car. It's capacity will be rather lame for it's size. Also, please note, you can't rule out it may have an operating voltage of 2.5v-3.65v like...
  4. joshk

    Phone Service Options

    I lose sleep over how willingly the average person discards their privacy. And let's not forget this list includes Home Depot:
  5. joshk

    Phone Service Options

    I know, you can't even buy a box of nails at the local home improvement store without the cashier "needing" your phone number. They just use it like a barcode on your forehead. I simply reply "I don't have a phone" and the cashier immediately knows what button to press to override the...
  6. joshk

    Any info about Ford Fusion Hybrid Li-Ion batteries?

    Can you post a picture of one please?
  7. joshk

    Task lighting for milling machine

    You could mod it. haha
  8. joshk

    Charging methods for Rechargeable Flashlights?

    It sounds like it has a USB charger cord. Why not plug it into your wall charger for your phone?
  9. joshk

    Task lighting for milling machine

    I think what you want is a desk lamp
  10. joshk

    looking for a 4300k light

    I'm able to make custom lighting filters in spray paint form. Any 4000k LED behind a lens painted with enough "Warm Delete" coating would become 4300k. Acetone removes it, so you could fiddle until you find your sweet spot.
  11. joshk

    reclaiming alkaline (and other) cells

    I agree with WalkIntoTheLight, the rechargables of yester-year gave them a bad name. But after watching a Project Farm video on the latest rechargeables I converted. It's been great, I don't notice any reduced life, and when they die I just pop them in the charger. Now I have no worries about...
  12. joshk

    LED Flashlight makes weird buzzing noise when pointed at black surfaces

    A hoodie and a cast iron door shouldn't vibrate. I would say either it's directly emitting sound, or there's some interference being emitted that reflects back into the flashlight and does that LED-as-a-solar-panel trick to feed back into the circuit. Kinda like how a microphone and a speaker...
  13. joshk

    When is enough, enough?

    Enough was enough when I moved up to COB Leds. :) Now everything else is just an 18650 and an LED.
  14. joshk

    why dont anduril firmware lights set temoarure at the factory? i

    I was looking forward to my FW3A's Anduril after reading how great it was. It's my least favorite. Every time someone borrows it, I need to Google the user manual to fix it. And fixing it is hard, as how many presses do what totally depends on if you start with it on, or start with it off...
  15. joshk

    charger for a 10180 battery

    I've charged a few short batteries like that in my Opus C3100 by standing a bolt on top of the battery. Though if you charge often you are going to get tired of that.
  16. joshk

    ethanol blend vs ethanol free gas in small engines

    I worked as a mechanic for years back in high school. We had customers that would never buy a drop of gas with ethanol, and others that ran it all the time. There was only one difference I noticed... The people that never bought ethanol constantly ranted about how their issues were just...
  17. joshk

    [Review] 219b R9080 in A6

    My review of the E21A is here:
  18. joshk

    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    Do you have a 3D printer? I could send you a ring to make the button appear recessed.
  19. joshk

    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    I got mine from Illumn. I hear it's the only place to get the good bin of SST-20. Another option is Neal's gadgets, but I've heard he can take over a month to put your order in the mail, and another month after that...
  20. joshk

    [Review] SST-20 in FW3A is divine!

    You can with this. It's a liquid paint. You can air brush it on just the center or outside ring of the lens. Whatever you need.

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