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  1. pmek5

    Peak Night Patrol beam pattern

    I've had a 400A for a while now. Such a great light. Prefect weight & balance. Adjustment knob is very useful for many tasks.
  2. pmek5

    My Peak State of the Union Address

    I have been carrying my Peak's some some years now. All the way from my Brass 10180, Alum. 1X's & 2X AAA Eiger's, and the fantastic NP300A. Can't say how much I enjoy grabbing one of these, and know the consistent reliability your going to have. Thanks Robyn & crew for great customer service...
  3. pmek5

    Eiger Trio

    How do like the Mule?
  4. pmek5

    Merkava Tritium Vials

    Thank you Sir. That turned out quicker than I thought.
  5. pmek5

    Merkava Tritium Vials

    Email sent yesterday for purchase. Would like (1) 3mm x 11mm Deep Blue instead of the ice blue if you have one. Thank you!
  6. pmek5

    Merkava Tritium Vials

    Do you know when you will have 3x11 mm deep blue back in stock? Thank you
  7. pmek5

    My first Peak light is on its way!!!!!

    Congrats. Brass are so nice. It will give you many years of service.
  8. pmek5

    Peak Update

    Condolences to you & your family.
  9. pmek5

    I dig the QTC.....

    Good point. I have older Eigers & they are my favorites, but just got my first QTC in a 10180 & 1 x Eiger. I too agree; they are a little quirky/finicky, but I like the fact Peak thinks outside the box.
  10. pmek5

    Eiger Solid Copper QTC Lug

    That will look nice after it gets a patina to it.
  11. pmek5

    Eiger / Momentay Switch / Prometheus Clip Question

    Thanks mhs I stretched the spring a hair & that worked. Also have a different switch coming from the good folks at Oveready.
  12. pmek5

    Eiger / Momentay Switch / Prometheus Clip Question

    I just recently received a Prometheus Clip for my Eiger 2xAAA Alum. bodied flashlight (older non-QTC). I installed the clip without any problems. The momentary switch works fine, but now when I screw the light head in for continual on mode, it won't come on, even with the head screwed all the...
  13. pmek5

    What amazing people! Had an awesome experience at the shop!

    Cool. Thanks for sharing.
  14. pmek5

    NiteCore D10 Tribute

    Anyone out there still using their D10 Tribute with tritium slot. I thought I lost mine this last year when I had a battery leak. Did some work on it today, and cleaned up the negative spring & base area. I was worried it was the circuit board. Seems to be working like new.
  15. pmek5

    Look what's here...

    Congrats. Love my Peak's. Simple & reliable.
  16. pmek5

    O-Ring Size

    Did some searching, but gave up. Does anyone know the O-Ring size for an Eiger light head. This is for one about three years old. Thank you,
  17. pmek5

    Help Identifying Eiger Marking

    I am still puzzeled how well this will work not being a QTC, and a standard AW 10180 battery.
  18. pmek5

    Help Identifying Eiger Marking

    I understand the voltage sag, but the other I don't. Is the second explanation going to harm anything? I got to believe Peak would not have sent a set-up that was not going to work properly.
  19. pmek5

    Help Identifying Eiger Marking

    I have an older Level 1 head which works great with an AW 10180 battery. With this head it comes on at a level 8 (using the old number system), and then drops to about a level 4 or 5 after five seconds. Will this battery work alright without a QTC (this is just a standard 10180 body that came...
  20. pmek5

    Help Identifying Eiger Marking

    Could not find a thread to answer this - I have an Eiger Head with an "N" on the battery contact. Can you please tell me what the "N" is for. This came with a 10180. It is a heck of a lot brighter than my level 1 I currently run on my 10180.

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