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    22650 vs 18650 question

    Hi there. Just bought a new Feiyu-Tech G5 Gimbal and will be taking it on a 3 week backpacking / trail running adventure through the Sierras in a month or so. It comes with a 3,000mah, 3.7v 22650 battery which fits in the lower portion of the handle Since I'm fully 18650 equipped (solar...
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    PCBs and over discharge protection voltage

    I read in the stickies that lithium ion 18650s should not be discharged below 3.0v and should be retired if discharged below 2.9v. With this in mind, why is it that all the PCBs available in the below links (and most everywhere else) list the over discharge protection voltage trigger at from...
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    18650 battery pack assistance needed.

    Hi folks, I could use some basic 18650 battery pack / charger assistance. Thanks in advance. For background, I am no EE (not close) but have a basic working knowledge of simpler electronics, can read a simple diagram and have excellent soldering skills. I'm going to be building a custom 7.4v...
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    Nitecore D4 charger -- real or fake?

    Took a chance on the $17.99 Nitecore D4 charger at knowing (based on the price) that there was a decent chance it would be fake. It arrived promptly with no hassle and turns out it's genuine. Quite happy. Not associated with Zapals in any way -- but that's a heck of a price on a...
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    Anyone have FallingWater's guide to soldering leads to 18650 Batteries?

    Numerous places on this forum I see recommendations and links to a guide of the risks, rewards and techniques of soldering leads to lithium 18650s in a pinch. These links are all dead. Anyone know a valid link or have a copy saved? Thanks JB (very experienced with soldering)
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    Skilhunt H03: CW or NW for trail running?

    Hi folks. Just saw the Skilhunt H03 is on sale at Gearbest ($32) so I'm going to pull the trigger on a couple of them for my waist light project described in it's own thread. I need some quick input as I am totally unfamiliar with these LEDs. Do I want the CW or the NW option for my outdoor...
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    Skilhunt H03 Headlamp Mods for Waist Light

    Hi there. New contributor, but have read the these forums for some time and made great use of the knowledge herein. Thanks to everyone who contributes. This post is only going to be partially headlamp related so bear with me. I've decided to post it here since it involves mods to headlamps...

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